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  Columnist: Ken Korczak

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Ouija: the wizard session

Posted on Tuesday, 12 January, 2010 | 14 comments
Columnist: Ken Korczak

[!gad]I recently conducted an amazing Ouija board session with an unusual partner -- a wizard from an alternate dimension -- but there was an unexpected outcome from the session that left me bewildered. Here is how all this came about:

Over the past two decades I have experimented extensively with Hemi-Sync technology developed by consciousness researchers at the Monroe Institute in Faber, Virginia. Hemi-Sync are CDs of recorded sound patterns which contain binaural beats, which supposedly can synchronize your brain wave patterns when you listen to them, thus dramatically enhancing your mental abilities, especially to function in altered states of consciousness.

Hemi-Sync has been shown in independent, replicated and double-blind studies to be an effective partial substitute for the drug fentanyl during surgery.

A few nights ago I was attempting to program an extremely vivid lucid dream, and so I went to bed listening to a Hemi-Sync CD. I had the CD player set on repeat because I wanted to keep the binaural beats going throughout my sleep process.

After about an hour, I still was not asleep, but suddenly felt myself grow numb, and then I began to feel surges of electrical shivers pulsate throughout my body. Still very much awake, I began to experience myself floating away from my body in some sort of second body; I suppose some would call it an astral body.

It's the dead of winter here in northern Minnesota with almost two feet of snow on the ground, and it was 15-below-zero outside, so I was amazed that after I floated straight through the glass of the window I found myself outside on a warm, balmy evening in a summer green world. I was in a thickly forested region of giant pines, with magnificent craggy mountain peaks in the far distance.

Just as Dorothy said, "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore," I said to myself: "I'm not in Minnesota anymore!"

Delighted, and floating about 20 feet above the ground, I began moving through the mysterious forest. Interestingly, the sun was a ruddy, chemical red color, as if I was on a world that orbited a red giant star, such as Betelgeuse. The crimson light made the green shadows of the forest look deep purple, and the foliage green-black. I could hear curious chiming sounds, which I soon discovered to be made by the occasional school of silver orbs that were also floating around, sometimes bumping into each other to create shimmery sweet metallic notes. The orbs were about the size of softballs. I could also hear the exotic calls of shrieking birds and the grumpy organ bleats of frogs or reptiles. A redolent odor of pine sap and greenery was thick in a moist atmosphere.

Presently, I floated into a clearing and came upon an ancient looking three-story structure made of roughhewn stone intersticed with blackened timber. On the second story was a large window with no glass, and inside hunched over a large wooden table I saw the backside of a cloaked and hooded figure. It looked to be a monk or wizard studying a massive yellowed text. A single white orb floated above him casting soft light on his reading.

I intended to pass by without disturbing him, but as I floated he turned quickly, seeming to feel my presence with psychic eyes in the back of his head. As soon as he spotted me, I lost command of my movement, and was pulled toward the abode of the wizard -- it was as if he was drawing me in -- for what purpose, good or bad, I did not have a strong feeling about. I decided to remain calm and speak with the wizard, if that's what he was, to see if I could learn anything interesting.

Inside his study, now, I began an extensive conversation with the wizard, whom identified himself as Garton Iowa-Tarowa. I immediately found this name suspicious and attributed it to being possibly a creation of my own dreaming mind, although I did not feel that I was in a normal lucid dream state. Garton Iowa-Tarowa could looked to be anything from 50 to 100 years old. He had a blocky head and face that looked like it had been carved from a chunk of rock with a dull ax. He had small piercing eyes that were black as oil.

I won't go into great detail about what we spoke about, but the gist of it was that Garton Iowa-Tarowa assumed that I was a "communication sprite" which he had summoned so that he could contact some sort of entity in some other world or dimension.

I told Mr. Iowa-Tarowa that I was not a sprite, but a human being, and that I had come here through the use of Hemi-Sync guided dream meditation, and that my presence here was purely incidental. But Mr. Iowa-Tarowa said he was not interested in the nature of my being, and was only convinced that I could somehow help make the long-distance call he needed to make.

Going with this, I told Garton Iowa-Tarowa that, as it happens, I did have considerable expertise with trans-dimensional communication using a device called an Ouija board, and that I would be willing to conduct an Ouija session for him so that he could possibly make contact with the entity he wanted to reach.

Fortunately, in this altered dream state, or whatever kind of imagination-driven state of consciousness I was suspended within, I was able to materialize an Ouija board and a planchette simply by thinking about it. Garton Iowa-Tarowa was pleased. Looking at the Ouija, he and asked me to explain how it worked, and to explain the strange symbols embossed across the board. I told him that this was the alphabet, which is a symbolic form of my native language, English. I then instructed him on how together we would work the Ouija. He was eager to give it a whirl.

We sat down with the Ouija board between us and I instructed him to place his finger tips lightly on the planchette, and this was the first time I noticed that Garton Iowa-Tarowa had only two slippery-looking fingers on each hand, and those fingers looked a lot more like small tentacles than human digits. His "fingers" protruded out from the billowy sleeves of his robes like two little snakes poking their heads out from under a blanket.

Fascinated by the light touch and flexibility of his snake-like fingers on the planchette, I told him to start asking his questions, and that I would interpret the "symbols" and tell him what message was transmitted by the Ouija.

And so the session begin, with Garton Iowa-Tarowa feeding me the questions:

Question: We are seeking communication with the Third Bental, level 12 of the Verdantic Mystery.

(The planchette began to move swiftly under my fingers and his tentacles.)


Question: I fail to see how this concerns you. Come to bare and provide me with the information I seek!


Question: The being calls itself a human being from earth, but this hardly matters since you are clearly stalling. Tell me of the larchant movements in the agreed upon cycle. I must know the grade and the trend of the slope.

(Note: None of this made sense to me, but I was simply acting as interpreter, so I didn't care. At the same time, I was wondering what the Third Bental meant when he said that I stunk of Xchat. Should I have been insulted?)


(Note: At this, Garton Iowa-Tarowa peered at me without undo suspicion, so I assumed he felt that I was trustworthy enough to be helping him out here.)

Question: It tells me that you report 23 to the ecliptic with a slope trending to 27. Is that not objective information, whether it comes through the communication sprite, or not?

(Note: I was back to being referred to as a "sprite" again.)


(Note: Iowa-Tarowa eyes narrowed this time as he looked at me this time. He said, "Well, what about this Vesta?"

I was now thoroughly confused about where this bizarre conversation was going. The Vesta they wanted to know about is an elderly woman -- Vesta Johnson -- who works in a grocery store in a small town near where I live here in Minnesota. I do my shopping there sometimes. Over the years, I had struck a friendship with Vesta, whose only job was to straighten and dust shelves in the store. I always felt slightly sorry for her because none of her coworkers ever seemed to pay attention to her or interact with her, and so I made an effort to stop and chat with her from time to time. I assumed she was an elderly person benefitting from some kind of work program for senior citizens.

The only thing Vesta Johnson and I ever talked about were her cats. She kept eight of them, and every other week, they seemed to need some kind of dire veterinary care, or one of them got in a fight with a raccoon, or one died, and then another stray showed up for her to take in, and so on. I am also a cat owner and cat lover, so I was able to relate to her on this subject. Vesta really seemed to enjoy our light chit-chat about cats, and so did I. I had been discussing cats with old Vesta Johnson in the grocery store for about 12 years, or so.

I explained all this to the wizard Garton Iowa Tarowa. Although he didn't understand a thing about concepts like "grocery stores" and did not know what a cat was, I think he got the basic idea that Vesta Johnson was merely an acquaintance of mine. And so we turned back to the Ouija board.

Question: Vesta is merely a fellow being of his kind. How is this relevant to his level of trust?


(Note: Again, this sounded crazy to me. What did the Third Bental mean by saying that Vesta Johnson did not exist? I decided that I didn't really care because a lot of crazy thing happen in the lucid dream state, or when you are exploring altered states of consciousness.

The Ouija session went on for what seemed like a long time, and most of it made little sense to me. Garton Iowa-Tarowa and the Third Bental seemed to be discussing details that were a combination of economics reports, weather reports and astrological charts. I translated all messages dutifully for the wizard over the Ouija -- I could not finish the session because I suddenly felt the solid reality of the place began to waver -- my physical body back in Minnesota was waking up, or coming back to normal consciousness.

Sure enough, with a rude "SNAP!" I found myself suddenly in back home in bed -- but very thrilled on the exotic adventure I had experienced with the help of Hemi-Sync and perhaps a bit of lucid dreaming consciousness mixed in.

I got up immediately to write down the details of the events, and recorded as carefully as I could remember the transcript of my Ouija session with the wizard. Then I went to bed and went back to sleep.

The next day I drove into town, and as I was approaching the grocery story, I thought about the Third Bental's crazy assertion that Vesta Johnson did not exist. Walking into the grocery store, I was perhaps just a bit anxious. What if there really was no Vesta Johnson all along? Then to whom or with what had I been having a pleasant cat discussion with for more than a decade?

Sure enough, Vesta was not at work that day. Feeling really stupid, I asked the check out lady, Tilda, if Vesta was working today. Tilda gave me a puzzled look and said, "Who?" I felt just slightly light-headed, and thought it was best to immediately drop the subject. "Oh, never mind," I said.

I have not seen Vesta Johnson since. She's not listed in the phone book either. Damn! I guess maybe the Third Bental was right -- and after all these years! Driving back home from the grocery store, I couldn't help but wonder: Maybe Vesta Johnson was a ghost? ... or maybe just a figment of my imagination? Or something else? I just don't know. It makes me wonder.

Article Copyright© Ken Korczak - reproduced with permission.

Ken Korczak is the author of Minnesota Paranormala:

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