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Creatures, Myths & Legends

Photographs show 'giant snake' in Borneo

By T.K. Randall
February 23, 2009 · Comment icon 37 comments

Image Credit: Image After
Two photographs have emerged from an unknown source showing what appears to be a giant snake in a river in Borneo. The images have come under significant scrutiny with many believing them to be Photoshopped fakes. Natives in the area believe the images show the mythical 'Nabau'. Do these images show a real snake or are they a hoax ?
Two photographs have been recently released from unknown sources in Borneo, depicting the weirdest of occurrences – a 100 foot-long snake-like creature cruising in the waters of the Baleh river. Natives are understandably scared of that, as they believe that the alleged monster is the mythical Nabau creature, a dragon-like serpent that has the ability to change its shape whenever it pleases. "

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #28 Posted by L33TNerd 14 years ago
Some real morons in this topic. Skeptics who fulfill their stereotype by literally just typing the word "Fake." as if that's the end of that. You don't know it's fake. I don't know if it's real. It's simply un-determinable. The don't jump out of the page by looking fake. The first picture's tree scaling confuses me though.
Comment icon #29 Posted by TeraLink 14 years ago
It's all but debunked now. Too bad it wasn't real - there's not much wonder left in the world. TeraLink Was Here!
Comment icon #30 Posted by passiveconsumer 14 years ago
The first picture is obviously Photoshopped, and not very well I might add . The second could be anything in the water. I have no doubt there are very large, undiscovered snakes in the world, these are not them. Besides, didn't these same photos surface a few years ago?
Comment icon #31 Posted by REBEL 14 years ago
According to the Chinese zodiac (related to their calendar); 2013 is year of the 'water' snake (serpent). Then the Asians/Chineese have the Tantalising Snake. The Snake is Yang (male)... Snake years are: 1905 ~ 1917 ~ 1929 ~ 1941 ~ 1953 ~ 1965 ~ 1977 ~ 1989 ~ 2001 ~ 2013 ~ 2025. They come from the bowls of the earth to devour humans, especially the women (the hairier snakes i take it ?) & give birth to hybrid reptilian shapeshifting reptoids, taking over the planet where our political leaders have failed. I just made that last bit up...Hyssssssterical eh... ((((((( )))))))
Comment icon #32 Posted by zitro1987 14 years ago
This seems like a poor photoshop attempt.
Comment icon #33 Posted by Blueguardian 14 years ago
the first one with more of a aerial view, it most likely fake, its too cinematic. The second I'm not sure about, I would find it unlikely that someone would just happen to have a camera on them, unless they were a tourist, I dunno. Just doesnt seem the kind of place where you can buy cameras, but im probably wrong.
Comment icon #34 Posted by Graylady 14 years ago
Case Closed
Comment icon #35 Posted by DONTEATUS 14 years ago
I think Rebel is right on! Watch out in 2013 for KFC serving Southeren Fried Snake in those sneeky buckets!
Comment icon #36 Posted by Viridis 14 years ago
I'm pretty sure these pictures have been floating around for years
Comment icon #37 Posted by Samuronin 14 years ago
Too big to be a snake!!!!!!! Fake?

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