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Nature & Environment

Worm plague invades China's pastures

By T.K. Randall
May 10, 2009 · Comment icon 14 comments

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An invasion of mysterious worms has created havoc in China, causing herdsmen and livestock to flee the grasslands in the Xinjiang region. Like lawnmowers the peculiar invertebrates leave nothing but barren soil in their wake.
An invasion of unidentified worms has forced 50 herdsmen and their families from their grassland homes, taking 20,000 head of livestock with them, in northwest China's Xinjiang region, state news agency Xinhua said Friday."

Source: Yahoo! News | Comments (14)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #5 Posted by www375 15 years ago
Not armaggedon just global warming and the weird things tht will come with it Why is EVERYTHING attributed to "global warming"?
Comment icon #6 Posted by SincereVisionz 15 years ago
Why is EVERYTHING attributed to "global warming"? I wouldn't say EVERYTHING. But especially nature. Its a fact that it causes animals to move. OR maybe those are just some really hungry friggin worms
Comment icon #7 Posted by rassy 15 years ago
I say we stop accepting any imports from that country, plus throw any chinaman into quarantine ASAP, just in case. Payback time... MUAHAHAHAHAHAAAAaaaaaaaa
Comment icon #8 Posted by Yuuki 15 years ago
I hate worms.
Comment icon #9 Posted by odiesbsc 15 years ago
Maybe they'd be good for fishin'.
Comment icon #10 Posted by Soupy 15 years ago
I think they should eat the worms anyway now there is no more crop...they eat everything else anyway :/
Comment icon #11 Posted by greggK 15 years ago
It's wormageddon! Correct! Right on! Read Joel in the bible!
Comment icon #12 Posted by Kissmet 15 years ago
Ewww worms.
Comment icon #13 Posted by greggK 15 years ago
Not armaggedon just global warming and the weird things that will come with it That is really the closest explanation to it. The sun is pretty hot and when the globe of the sun gets hotter, we get hotter. That's the globe that is warming.
Comment icon #14 Posted by REBEL 15 years ago
Made in China.

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