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Pentagon's black budget tops $56 billion

By T.K. Randall
February 2, 2010 · Comment icon 10 comments

Image Credit: dbking @ Flickr
The amount of money assigned by the United States to classified "black projects" has now exceeded over $56 billion.
New advances in military technology such as the stealth bomber were in development as black projects for years before finally being revealed to the public, in this modern age what technical marvels are currently being worked on behind closed doors that we still know nothing about ?
The Defense Department just released its king-sized, $708 billion budget for the next fiscal year. Much of the proposed spending is fairly detailed — noting exactly how many helicopters the Pentagon plans to buy and how many troops it plans on playing.

Source: Wired | Comments (10)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by The Big Boss 15 years ago
Let's cross our fingers.
Comment icon #2 Posted by Dark Morphling 15 years ago
lol how dam awsome would it be to see that thing in Iraq
Comment icon #3 Posted by brlesq1 15 years ago
An earthquake machine?
Comment icon #4 Posted by Paracelse 15 years ago
Meanwhile, vets a begging in streets all over the country. Does Obama really believe in being the pres?
Comment icon #5 Posted by SpiderCyde 15 years ago
Ahh it must be those new advances in stealth technology they're spending all that money what I've clearly demonstrated below.
Comment icon #6 Posted by SpiderCyde 15 years ago
lol how dam awsome would it be to see that thing in Iraq They'd just tie a bunch of turbans together, then lasso it's legs from their camels while running in circles around it.
Comment icon #7 Posted by GeistOnerz 15 years ago
i wish i had 56 billion to do whatever the hell i want with lol i pray we get at-at's too
Comment icon #8 Posted by Paranormalcy 15 years ago
And don't forget DARPA, essentially the civilian military defense research arm, which has all kinds of crazy projects listed, and their budget books are online, detailing their experiments and their costs. It is mind boggling.
Comment icon #9 Posted by UtahRaptor 14 years ago
Umm.... Only 56 billion? Wow thats wierd! The Pentagon and DOD have been audited. In 1998, 1999, and 2000 the amount of money that would disappear with out a single trace was in the neighborhood of 2.3 TRILLION. That was each of those 3 years. In 2001, just a few days before 9-11 and amount of 3 TRILLION disappeared with out a single trace. The 56 billion is microscopic potatoes! 56 billion what a joke!
Comment icon #10 Posted by The Red Cup Spain Sun 14 years ago
I wouldn't call it a conspiracy. I would call it really dumb.

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