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Theme park ride moved due to ghost

By T.K. Randall
February 7, 2011 · Comment icon 27 comments

Image Credit: CC 3.0 Roland zh
A new water slide has had to be relocated following sightings of a headless monk by workers.
Staff at Thorpe Park reported objects being flung around and a feeling of being watched during construction of the new attraction, when an investigator was called in to carry out tests in the area it was discovered that the ride had been built on an old burial ground. Managers have now opted to move the new ride to a different location.
Workers at a theme park experienced a real white knuckle ride after spotting the ghost of a headless monk as they constructed a new water slide. The eerie apparition appeared before staff after they apparently disturbed an ancient burial ground as they excavated the site at Thorpe Park.

Source: Daily Mail | Comments (27)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #18 Posted by scepticalbeliever 14 years ago
Are you sure about that?(tons of money?) Maybe they had some problem with the type of land(soil) where the ride was or maybe it was already planned to be shifted for some other reason and they decided to give it try for a story for publicity Besides I bet the headless monk didn't come in the morning to trouble everyone and he didn't hurt anyone. The English are pretty much on the up and up. So what you suggested seems farfetched with the exception of the money problems in which case the ride would've ceases to be built. About headless monks. I have never read in history where they beheaded a m... [More]
Comment icon #19 Posted by snuffypuffer 14 years ago
Aren't there people whose entire job is to find /expletive deleted/ like this before they can level whatever it is and build /expletive deleted/ on top of it? I mean, especially in England, where /expletive deleted/ like this is everywhere. Just by the by, if there were more ghost stories involving headless monks and maybe a shrieking hobgoblin that was like, on fire or something, these ghost stories would be way more fun to read.
Comment icon #20 Posted by affinity106 14 years ago
I read somewhere (nice and specific I know, this was a while ago and I haven't been on here in a long time) that six members of staff played a Ouija board on the grounds of the Saw ride that was opened in 2009 and they were all suspended from work due to paranormal activity happening in and around the attraction. I don't know how true this claims are but it does seem that the park owners(?) are very conscious of paranormal phenomena in their theme park.
Comment icon #21 Posted by kulas910 14 years ago
I personally experienced this believe it or not.It happened in my wife's barrio now called barangay in carmelo,cebu,philippines.It was night and dark,while walking home in a deserted pathway with three companion(my son,my wife's nephew and a friend)we are walking side by side then suddenly we saw this headless priest.The barrio folk said that it is the ghost of a headless priest.This happened in 1980.So I believed.
Comment icon #22 Posted by Robert1 14 years ago
I think they should have left the water slide where it was and make the ghost story part of the attraction. They might actually make a little more money that way.
Comment icon #23 Posted by HAJiME 14 years ago
Lol. This story isn't even vaguely true. This park used to be a quarry. This ride was never planned for another area in the park, plans submitted to the local council months ago confirm this. This is a marketing stunt, probably as a narrative build-up to next years attraction (which includes a fake derelict church, you see). The company is renowned for such "news" marketing stunts.
Comment icon #24 Posted by scaredsilly 14 years ago
Its a pity, I rekon they would of got more visitors with the ghost
Comment icon #25 Posted by DiMSoE 14 years ago
Ive been to thorpe park many times and never experianced anything paranormal at all. There is no ancient burial ground anywere within its radius FACT! unless no-one knew it was there to begin with, therfore it would be a new find and the park would be sealed off for investigation? If the water slide is being moved then it is for other reasons other than a headless monk wanting to be the first to try it out.
Comment icon #26 Posted by UFO_Monster 14 years ago
Good. At least people such as amusement park arrangers respect gravesites.
Comment icon #27 Posted by VietRulerZ 13 years ago
poor ghost all he wanted was a water slide

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