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Woman in China grows 8ft head of hair

By T.K. Randall
December 11, 2011 · Comment icon 11 comments

Image Credit: Peine viejo
55-year-old Ni Linmei has hair so long that it's longer than she is at an incredible 8ft in length.
The mother-of-two who lives in China's Shanxi Province has admitted that she hasn't had a hair cut in 14 years. To comb it she either has to lay it out on a sofa or stand on a chair and hold it up while her family combs it for her.
Ni Linmei presented her endless mane at her home in Taiyuan, in China’s Shanxi Province, and admitted she hasn’t had a haircut in 14 years. The 55-year-old was photographed laying her locks on a sofa as she attempted to comb the tresses.

Source: Daily Mail | Comments (11)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #2 Posted by Robert1 11 years ago
For goodness sake. Cut that hair before she trips over it and hurts herself. God forbid if it got caught in something and was torn out of her head.
Comment icon #3 Posted by Lava_Lady 11 years ago
It's gross. Can you imagine one in your food? ugh...I wouldn't want her near me.
Comment icon #4 Posted by Ryu 11 years ago
Well, at least she takes care of it. It certainly doesn't look scraggly or unkempt. However I am left wondering why she does this? What exactly is there to be proud of in having 8 foot long hair? Why is this even news? Oh well...could be worse.
Comment icon #5 Posted by Beckys_Mom 11 years ago
My mother told me how her and her sister used to have really long hair, that they had to lift it up as they needed to sit down She said it was a pain to wash...and later winded up having headaches.. Her hair was rather thick and heavy I couldn't allow my own hair get that long...But hey if this lady loves it... MEH so be it
Comment icon #6 Posted by Omnaka 11 years ago
Long Hair makes older women look younger than the pixi blue hair look. It's her trade mark. Love Omnaka
Comment icon #7 Posted by Swamptick 11 years ago
I think that is awesome.
Comment icon #8 Posted by rodentraiser 11 years ago
I think I remember reading somewhere that Laura Ingalls Wilder had hair that fell unbraided below her knees when she was a young woman, and that she had headaches from the braid when it was wound. I always wonder how long hair got when women didn't cut it as often in those good old days.
Comment icon #9 Posted by MissMelsWell 11 years ago
Whoa. LOL. Long hair is really cool, but that's a bit too much I think . You couldn't do anything with it except braid it and double the braid up so it doesn't drag around on the ground. I have a friend who's native american, she doesn't cut her hair, it's partially cultural... a woman's hair is her glory. I'm insanely jealous of her tresses. LOL. It falls to her mid-thigh... and while this generally doesn't look good in most cases, it totally works on her. She also never braids it; she claims that braiding it does some significant damage to it. It's not too uncommon for us to be out at a pub ... [More]
Comment icon #10 Posted by Beckys_Mom 11 years ago
i haven't cut my hair except for tiny trim ups in like 8 years. It's just barely past my shoulders. LOL. I was NOT blessed with the ability to grow long hair. I have seen your hair, it is very beautiful... Trust me when I tell you, it is not much of a picnic when your hair is like mine, very thick and heavy and long... It is ok to wash but a nightmare to blow dry... It can take me a good 30 mins or so to make sure I have it dried right
Comment icon #11 Posted by Feenix Fire 11 years ago
She's nuts. Can you imagine the amount of shampoo she goes through? I hate having to deal with my hair. Sometimes I just want to shave it off!

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