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World of the Bizarre

Car parks itself in neighbour's garage

By T.K. Randall
January 7, 2012 · Comment icon 10 comments

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A car reported solen turned out to have rolled back and parked itself inside a neighbour's garage.
The car was reported stolen in Adelaide, Australia after the owner left it parked outside a shop while he went inside, when he came out the car had vanished. "It had rolled out of the shopping centre car park, across the road, down the driveway, into the garage, through the garage door which then closed on itself and there was the man's stolen car," said police constable Tim Dodds.
A car reported stolen last month in the Adelaide Hills is believed to have rolled into the garage of a nearby home, parking itself perfectly. The car's owner from Upper Sturt had parked the vehicle on a slight slope outside a shop in Stirling early on December 18.

Source: Australian Broadcasting Corporation | Comments (10)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Omnaka 11 years ago
Thats Funny Love Omnaka
Comment icon #2 Posted by and then 11 years ago
Too funny Things like this might start happening soon WITHOUT gravity and strange circumstances. New cars on the drawing board,with some prototypes, that are driverless and operated using gps. Somewhat like a drone I think. What a time we live in...
Comment icon #3 Posted by star energy 11 years ago
That's too funny. lol
Comment icon #4 Posted by bulveye 11 years ago
Sound like an insurance scam that went wrong.
Comment icon #5 Posted by Device 11 years ago
Cops: So the car just rolled on down the road, straight into your garage, thereby closing the door behind itself. You two have the right to remain silent.
Comment icon #6 Posted by VietRulerZ 11 years ago
its haunted or possessed. duh
Comment icon #7 Posted by spud the mackem 11 years ago
Stupid plonka forgot to put his handbrake on,it would be a different story if it had hit a baby in a pram while going down the hill,he should be fined for leaving his car without adequate means of braking.
Comment icon #8 Posted by spud the mackem 11 years ago
Sound like an insurance scam that went wrong. Was his car insured ? careless craphead..
Comment icon #9 Posted by Imaginarynumber1 11 years ago
Cars are become sentient! Skynet will become aware in the GPS of thousands of cars and start WWIII! Or yeah, they forgot to use their parking break.....
Comment icon #10 Posted by Junior Chubb 11 years ago
This must have been great to have seen. From start to finish its like something out of Naked Gun.

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