Friday, April 16, 2021
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Uri Geller claims iPhone bending is psychic

Posted on Wednesday, 1 October, 2014 | Comment icon 34 comments

Uri Geller demonstrating his unique skills. Image Credit: CC 3.0 Aquarius2000
The Israeli entertainer claims that the recent spate of bending iPhones could be down to psychic energy.
Geller is no stranger to bending objects having made a career out of his alleged ability to bend spoons with the power of his mind.

Now the Israeli has waded in to Apple's 'bendgate' controversy in which buyers of the new iPhone 6 have been reporting that their brand new phone has seemingly bent in their pocket.

Geller maintains that the most likely explanation is that excitement for the product has had a physical effect on the handsets.
"Either the phone is so seriously thin and flimsy that it is bendable with mere physical force, which I cannot believe given the extensive tests Apple would have done," he said. "Or - and this is far more plausible - somehow the energy and excitement of the 10 million people who purchased iPhones has awakened their mind powers and caused the phones to bend."

Despite the dubious nature of his claim Geller is so adament that he is right that he has even offered to demonstrate for Apple the phone being bent by nothing more than the power of his mind.

"I urge Apple to hire me to explain to the world that this is not the company's fault at all," he said.

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #25 Posted by QuiteContrary on 2 October, 2014, 14:32
I-Phone bending? Phht! I've made mine swim...okay, well, more like sink...but still impressive
Comment icon #26 Posted by comatosed on 3 October, 2014, 3:44
Well pfft, if that's the case, I claim this dude is insane.
Comment icon #27 Posted by comatosed on 3 October, 2014, 3:46
The fact that there are still hordes of people who take this decades-long fraud seriously says something about society; and it is not anything good either. right? these people are either stupid or they just dont give a care. Who spends nearly 900 on a cellphone?.. That's a small vaca for me. Lol
Comment icon #28 Posted by Jack_of_Blades on 4 October, 2014, 21:32
So basically he's saying, "Either Apple didn't test their product enough. Or it's magic. Clearly it's magic." That's some Apple-elitism in the extreme. right? these people are either stupid or they just dont give a care. Who spends nearly 900 on a cellphone?.. That's a small vaca for me. Lol And a large vacation for me. I'll stick with phones that can do the exact same things and are nearly free.
Comment icon #29 Posted by Sakari on 4 October, 2014, 22:01
LOL...... Uri is a joke.....How do people believe his crap, even with all of the in the face proven fraud.... I remember this one well......
Comment icon #30 Posted by ZOD on 4 October, 2014, 22:17
hey look at that Chris Angel not being insufferable for a moment
Comment icon #31 Posted by Rafterman on 8 October, 2014, 14:33
The Israeli entertainer claims that the recent spate of bending iPhones could be down to psychic energy. Read More: http://www.unexplain...ding-is-psychic How is Uri Geller even still a thing?
Comment icon #32 Posted by Cruel_Cahal on 11 December, 2014, 9:29
Dude... Uri Geller wasn't just PROVEN to be a fraud (with the help of James Randi) but he also admitted to being a fraud when he stopped calling himself a "psychic" and began to refer to himself as, "an entertainer". Perhaps Uri is hoping that the most recent generation can be fooled by his BS again, since it is common nowadays, for people to not bother learning history or even vetting anyone, they just simply believe without question. Sigh.
Comment icon #33 Posted by Sir Smoke aLot on 11 December, 2014, 11:23
Considering that most people bent theirs iPhone's by sitting on them that would mean that their 'behinds' are psychic
Comment icon #34 Posted by TheDarkerSide on 17 December, 2014, 2:23
These silly gimmicks made to fool people, should be illegal if not advertised as a gimmick. People spend money into thinking something psychic Is the cause and a special gifted person is needed for it to be true. It's no different than a confidence trickster conning his way into your home or bank account etc, and should be treated as such. It is fraud.

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