Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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Uri Geller says he knows where the Ark of the Covenant is

January 6, 2022 | Comment icon 25 comments

Does Geller really know where the Ark is located ? Image Credit: PD - BRBurton
The Israeli spoon bender is no stranger to making 'out there' claims, as evidenced by this most recent example.
The golden chest believed to have held the stone tablets on which the Ten Commandments were inscribed, the Ark remains one of the most sought-after and mystifying religious artifacts in history.

For years researchers have attempted to determine where it might be or if it even still exists at all. It's last known location was King Solomon's Temple, but when the Babylonians conquered Jerusalem the temple was destroyed and the Ark disappeared along with it.

It's ok though, because now Uri Geller believes that he has figured out where it is.

The Israeli psychic, who is well known for bending metal spoons, wrote in a recent Tweet that he knows where the Ark is located and that he intends to go and find it.

"I know where the Ar[k] of the Covenant is I will find it mark my words," he wrote. "It will be an earth-shattering historical tsunami and an archaeological and a theological earthquake."
"Dowsing ancient soap factory I located under my museum gave me the inspiration!"

"Yes my dear friends the opposition will be huge but we are talking about an item that is holy and nothing will come in its way to be freed and shock the world into a biblical historical reality."

Given that Geller has yet to provide any specific details of his alleged discovery, however, it remains very difficult to corroborate his claim.

All things considered, it is in fact highly unlikely that he has any idea where the Ark is at all.

Source: Uri Geller | Comments (25)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #16 Posted by psyche101 11 days ago
It's more of a mystery as to why anyone continues to report what this clown has to say. Who fricken cares what this irrelevant twit brays?
Comment icon #17 Posted by qxcontinuum 11 days ago
The Jewish are very good actors and comedians. Uri is just... Jewish.
Comment icon #18 Posted by Audio Imagez 11 days ago
This guy is for real? I saw something about him once and thought it was just a joke.
Comment icon #19 Posted by Nuclear Wessel 10 days ago
If he really knew where it was then I doubt he would be talking about it. Lol.
Comment icon #20 Posted by The Skeptic Eric Raven 10 days ago
Every so often this idiot has to put out something to make himself feel relevant.
Comment icon #21 Posted by kartikg 10 days ago
This should be considered as a crime. Playing with religious sentiment.
Comment icon #22 Posted by toast 10 days ago
I heard he will bend it and that amazone prime has the exclusive broadcast rights for the event.
Comment icon #23 Posted by HSlim 7 days ago
Right there in Capone's vault, of course. Does anyone still believe the horse sh!t that falls out of Geller's mouth?
Comment icon #24 Posted by Abramelin 7 days ago
Comment icon #25 Posted by moonman 7 days ago
Any way to get my forum settings to hide any threads that have "Uri Geller" in the title? I don't want to waste even a millisecond on seeing his crap o' the day.

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