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Man set to be eaten alive by giant snake

By T.K. Randall
November 5, 2014 · Comment icon 87 comments

The anaconda is one of the largest snake species on the planet. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 Jan Rehschuh
Paul Rosolie will don a special suit so that he can be eaten by an anaconda for an upcoming documentary.
It goes without saying that most of us would prefer to avoid being eaten by a giant snake, yet Rosolie is setting out to make this happen deliberately so that the whole thing can be filmed.

The naturalist and filmmaker is no stranger to dangerous situations having previously traveled in to the jungle with poachers to document the illegal trade of endangered wildlife. This latest stunt however is likely to be the riskiest thing he has ever done.
In an attempt to ensure his safety he will be wearing a special suit of his own design that will help him survive the snake's super-strong constriction and the digestive juices within its stomach.

The stunt, which will be aired in a special Discovery Channel documentary called "Eaten Alive", has already generated a great deal of criticism from animal rights groups on the basis that the attempt could be harmful to the snake, especially if something goes wrong.

It also isn't clear how Rosolie will extricate himself from the snake once he's inside.

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #78 Posted by switchopens 10 years ago
Whatever blows your hair back.
Comment icon #79 Posted by cookemeister 10 years ago
If only David Blaine were the one doing this !! For 2 reasons he may really disappear and the documentary could be called Snake ate a Blaine
Comment icon #80 Posted by Karasu 10 years ago
Exactly, do watch I think the guy pulling the prank, is that one who is gay,
Comment icon #81 Posted by Scorpius 10 years ago
This is also one of the dumbest things I've heard about. After reading this thread, humanity got knocked down a peg and same with intelligence. This could also be fake. There was a documentary that aired that made people believe in Mermaids. It even got me questioning the myth until I did a bit of research online to see the truth. Although ya never know for sure. We recently found out about new humanoid species living on earth. Ya never know. CGI has gone a long w... [More]
Comment icon #82 Posted by TopToffee 10 years ago
I can see the good in this.The world needs one less idiot.
Comment icon #83 Posted by freetoroam 10 years ago
This guy is never going to die, this is a stunt designed for his glory, his crew will be standing by with hatchets ready to slice the poor snake open at the very 1st sign of him becoming a meal.
Comment icon #84 Posted by Paranomali 10 years ago
What do they plan on learning about a snakes eating habbit they don't already know? Is it even that important we need to stick a fella inside one? People are weird.
Comment icon #85 Posted by some new guy 10 years ago
the following news report shows the guy in his anaconda suit and answers some of the questions raised here...... BEST - Ron
Comment icon #86 Posted by some new guy 10 years ago
here is an interview with the anaconda guy..... BEST - Ron
Comment icon #87 Posted by third_eye 10 years ago
No offense but I'd rather look at more pictures of cute K Pop girls ~

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