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Ghostly tales haunt Monmouth University

By T.K. Randall
January 1, 2015 · Comment icon 3 comments

The University of Monmouth Guggenheim Library. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 Josconklin
Founded in 1933, the popular institution has a long history of ghost stories and strange occurrences.
Located in New Jersey, the university's paranormal reputation was recently the topic of a paper by student Holly Ford who had heard stories of a ghost said to haunt the Guggenheim Library.

Employees claimed to have witnessed the apparition of a woman walking down the staircase late at night however corroborating sightings were limited on the basis that the library was closed at 11:30pm and nobody was allowed to enter after that time.

Keen to learn more, Ford spent several evenings studying in the library and tried to stay there as late as possible up until the time that the doors were closed.
Skeptical at first, her curiosity was further piqued when she heard a series of strange thuds in the nearby hallway one evening despite nobody else being there at the time. She also recalled feeling a strange presence - the sensation that someone didn't want her to be there.

Similar stories have also been reported at the university's police department over the years including tales of strange tapping noises along the hallways at night, sightings of a white figure in the courtyard outside and reports of doors and windows opening and closing by themselves.

There have even been stories of people hearing disembodied screams and the sounds of a fire near an elevator shaft in which two fireman died during a blaze many years ago.

Source: App.com | Comments (3)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Gummug 10 years ago
Sounds pretty creepy to me!!
Comment icon #2 Posted by Rafterman 10 years ago
I've yet to find a university that doesn't have similar kinds of stories.
Comment icon #3 Posted by Stubbly_Dooright 10 years ago
I thought the university sounded familiar. I use to live in Jersey for nine years. Frankly, I think Jersey is the hotbed of paranormal activity. Well, from I noticed there of various media and website groups. Plus on my own experiences too, I've yet to find a university that doesn't have similar kinds of stories. Same here. I don't know if community colleges falls under that category, I went to one in the first two years of my college career, then transferred over to a state university. It's at that university where I have heard stories how the attic part of one dorm building is being haunted ... [More]

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