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Robot vacuum attempts to eat woman's head

By T.K. Randall
February 10, 2015 · Comment icon 28 comments

Robot vacuums are fine when they aren't attacking you. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 Mamirobothk
A woman in South Korea this week awoke from a nap to find the robotic device attached to her hair.
With their ability to navigate the floor of your home and clean the carpets without requiring manual intervention, robotic vacuum cleaners have become increasingly popular in recent years.
When a 52-year-old woman in South Korea lay down on the floor to take a nap this week however, a sleeping arrangement that is quite common in the country, the last thing she expected was to wake up to find one of the machines trying to vacuum up her own head.

The bizarre accident made headline news when the unsuspecting victim was unable to free herself from the clutches of the device and was forced to call the emergency services.

Fortunately firefighters and paramedics were eventually able to find a way to separate the machine from her head before it managed to cause any serious injuries.

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #19 Posted by aniknonymous 9 years ago
hahahahahaahahhaa omg this sounds so funny. and the comments doesn't help either.i guess she should have washed her hair. it's the robots way of calling her dirty.
Comment icon #20 Posted by jmccr8 9 years ago
And so it begins,lol jmccr8
Comment icon #21 Posted by moon tide 9 years ago
Who knows what it was trying to do to her in her sleep. Very devious.
Comment icon #22 Posted by Daughter of the Nine Moons 9 years ago
I, for one, welcome our new vacuum cleaner overlords. Best comment ever.
Comment icon #23 Posted by Princess Serenity 9 years ago
If she hadn't been sleeping on the floor the thing wouldn't have attacked her. I hope she learns her lesson about sleeping on the floor.
Comment icon #24 Posted by Lilly 9 years ago
My puppy Ringo is pretty much convinced that the vacuum cleaner is some sort of 'evil alien'. One of those roomba things would probably be seen as being a toy though...he'd rip it to shreds in no time.
Comment icon #25 Posted by mayidieoneday 9 years ago
If she hadn't been sleeping on the floor the thing wouldn't have attacked her. I hope she learns her lesson about sleeping on the floor. quoting only you but directed at some other people as well: what an ignorant comment! most people in most parts of the world sleep on the floor! including me! am i perhaps an underdeveloped ape for not having the sense to convert to your western-culture-only-culture culture and sleep in a bed like decent people or what?
Comment icon #26 Posted by jules99 9 years ago
If this happened to a bloke no one would believe him...
Comment icon #27 Posted by ChaosRose 9 years ago
Holy sensationalized headlines, Batman! That should have read Roomba sucks up sleeping woman's hair. And derp. If you have a Roomba vacuuming your floor, it's kind of common sense not to lay down and let it run over your hair. She probably doesn't want her name released because everyone is gonna think she's an idiot.
Comment icon #28 Posted by DefenceMinisterMishkin 9 years ago

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