Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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Real-life 'Judgment Day' within 100 years

Posted on Saturday, 16 May, 2015 | Comment icon 25 comments

Schwarzenegger's T-800 model from the Terminator movie franchise. Image Credit: CC BY 2.0 Doug Kline
Stephen Hawking believes that intelligent robots could be on course to destroy human civilization.
Speaking at the Zeitgeist 2015 conference in London this week, the celebrated physicist maintained that our species is in danger of being superseded by machines more intelligent than ourselves.

With more and more technology companies working on artificial intelligence for use in self-driving cars, virtual assistants and even weapons, Hawking believes we are moving ever closer to a world in which the human brain will simply be outclassed by the self perpetuating genius of intelligent machines.
"Computers will overtake humans with AI at some point within the next 100 years," he said. "When that happens, we need to make sure the computers have goals aligned with ours."

The concept of a future overrun by an artificial intelligence is nothing new having been explored in multiple different book and movie franchises including The Matrix and The Terminator.

Back at the beginning of the year Hawking got together with space entrepreneur Elon Musk to sign an open letter detailing the dangers of intelligent machines and calling for better controls and communication between companies to stop smart computers from getting out of control.

Whether it will be enough to prevent an AI-fueled apocalypse however remains to be seen.

Source: Tech Times | Comments (25)

Tags: Stephen Hawking, Artificial Intelligence

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #16 Posted by Blurfoot on 17 May, 2015, 11:34
In a hundred years? I will be a talking head in a jar by then.
Comment icon #17 Posted by RabidMongoose on 17 May, 2015, 11:52
True, but I see the possibility that those who design computers may discover that computers that are autonomous, capable of thought and perhaps consciousness in some sense may be more efficient at their tasks. As computers continue to replace humans in various catagories, more sophisticated computers are necessary. Computers seem to be evolving similar to the evolution of biological life on the planet, from dumb machines to higher and higher forms of intelligence. A computer that is conscious in the samy way humans are conscious may be inevitable. You do not live in a universe of mathematical ... [More]
Comment icon #18 Posted by StarMountainKid on 17 May, 2015, 16:59
With respect, RabidMongoose, from my experience in business, in many instances it is less expensive in the long run for businesses to purchase expensive robots than to hire humans to perform the same tasks. I agree there will always be the need for human employees. However, as AI technology imporves, complex business decisions my be better performed by future AI technologies. Data crunching is a computer's forte. If a computer is better than humans at playing chess, why wouldn't a computer be better than humans at playing the stock market, for instance? A human business executive may hesitate ... [More]
Comment icon #19 Posted by ancient astronaut on 17 May, 2015, 17:58
As long as we have Arnold there to save us we should be ok.
Comment icon #20 Posted by Ralaman on 17 May, 2015, 18:22
HA!!! Robots are already Masters. Try to have a conversation with a teenager without them paying homage to the smartphone thier parents pay the bill on....
Comment icon #21 Posted by SurgeTechnologies on 18 May, 2015, 19:46
Elon Musk Agress, yet some Japan organization is promoting robots.. I think they are all enslaved already!
Comment icon #22 Posted by HollandSmith on 21 May, 2015, 9:55
The main goal was to create a robot to help us with our daily lives. The best we can do is to not invent a blacksheep robot whose goals are not aligned with us.
Comment icon #23 Posted by BeastieRunner on 22 May, 2015, 17:41
Aww snap, better watch out!
Comment icon #24 Posted by SurgeTechnologies on 22 May, 2015, 18:01
Caprica, now a reality show on planet Earth....
Comment icon #25 Posted by DieChecker on 24 May, 2015, 19:43
Caprica, now a reality show on planet Earth.... If anyone picks the one in the middle, they're showing themselves to be racists!!

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