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Founder of Roswell's UFO museum has died

By T.K. Randall
May 15, 2015 · Comment icon 13 comments

Dennis during an interview about his experiences. Image Credit: YouTube / The Book Archive
Glenn Dennis, one of the original Roswell incident witnesses, passed away earlier this month.
Back in 1947 Dennis had been working as a mortician at the Ballard Funeral Home which had a military contract to provide mortuary services for the nearby Roswell Army Air Field.

On the day of the UFO incident he had received a call to treat an injured serviceman and bring him back to the base in his ambulance. When he got there he witnessed strange pieces of wreckage in a hangar and later spoke to a nurse who described seeing multiple alien bodies being examined at the site.

His experiences however wouldn't be revealed until 1989 when he called in to the Unsolved Mysteries TV show and described what he had seen during his visit to the base that day.
In 1990 he and Lieutenant Walter Haut got together with realtor Max Littell to found the International UFO Museum And Research Center in Roswell, a bold step given the lack of interest at the time.

Soon though the museum became a popular tourist destination for UFO enthusiasts from all over the world and even to this day it still sees over 180,000 visitors every year.

"They certainly had the foresight and the dedication and the dream to make this museum happen, and of course they did," said former Roswell Mayor Bill Owen. "Roswell is the beneficiary of their early work and their early desire to see something made of this incident."

"[Dennis] certainly contributed many great things, many great ideas. He will be missed for sure."

Source: KOB 4 | Comments (13)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #4 Posted by MissJatti 9 years ago
just wanna say R.I.P Glenn
Comment icon #5 Posted by Athena1979 9 years ago
So his claim to fame is he was a kid and happened to see some bodies in a hangar. How old was he when this happened? Our minds do play tricks on us. I know we don't trust our government. I know I don't trust our government. Our human imagination will invent things and see things that aren't there. He is a man who told a great story, built a museum for those who also enjoy stories and now he has passed. I hope that he may finally have peace and find answers in the afterlife.
Comment icon #6 Posted by coolguy 9 years ago
RIP Glenn,
Comment icon #7 Posted by Podo 9 years ago
He lived a good life and regardless to a person's belief of the validity of his story, he made a pretty cool museum. I'm sad to see him go.
Comment icon #8 Posted by DONTEATUS 9 years ago
You don't need no stinkin Fuel to transverse the Universe Silly Rabbits ! The Duracell Bunny runs on Excited Atoms forever ! And a little Bunny Chow !
Comment icon #9 Posted by psyche101 9 years ago
Haut's second affidavit supports my hypothesis in some respects, he says he believes Gen. Ramey was being directed by his superiors at the Pentagon which I personally agree with. My hypothesis suggests this plan originated about a week earlier at Wright Field after Gen. Twining issued orders to investigate the phenomena on July 2nd. To involve Gen. Ramey in this (although he had already been voluntarily involved with his intel chief Col. Kalberer in the Arnold sighting) his superiors at the Pentagon most surely had to have been intimately involved. What it does not describe though, is an Inter... [More]
Comment icon #10 Posted by TheGreatBeliever 9 years ago
Then wat about those who really saw the aliens like the nurses?
Comment icon #11 Posted by psyche101 9 years ago
Then wat about those who really saw the aliens like the nurses? The Nurse comes form the same place the aliens do. Imaginationland.
Comment icon #12 Posted by TheGreatBeliever 9 years ago
The Nurse comes form the same place the aliens do. Imaginationland. Haha...
Comment icon #13 Posted by psyche101 9 years ago
Haha... True story, extensive searching showed Naiomi Self never existed. Dennis made her up.

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