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Did Hitler escape through a hidden tunnel ?

By T.K. Randall
October 17, 2015 · Comment icon 46 comments

Did the infamous Nazi leader manage to escape his bunker ? Image Credit: Public Domain
New discoveries beneath Berlin support the theory that Hitler escaped at the end of World War II.
According to official reports Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and his wife Eva Braun both committed suicide in Hitler's bunker to prevent capture as the Soviet forces descended upon the capital.

Whether this actually happened however has always generated a measure of controversy, not least because their bodies were burned and eyewitness accounts of their demise remain questionable.

Now new evidence has cast further doubt on the idea that Hitler died that day and suggests instead that he actually escaped Germany and went on to live out the rest of his life in South America.
Of particular note was the discovery of a false wall in a Berlin subway station that could have been part of the subterranean tunnel network that Hitler used to flee the city at the end of the war.

In a secret FBI memo, J Edgar Hoover even stated that "American Army officials in Germany have not located Hitler's body, nor is there any reliable source that will say definitely that Hitler is dead."

A new eight-part documentary series called 'Hunting Hitler', which is due to air on the History Channel on November 2nd, will cover this alternative series of events in more detail.

If Hitler really did escape following the Soviet advance on Berlin then it would mean that not only did he pull off one of the most remarkable escapes in history but that he had also managed to perfectly fake his own death and fool the whole world in the process.

Comments (46)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #37 Posted by Noteverythingisaconspiracy 9 years ago
I have repeatedly tried to ask people who think Hitler escaped, why he would have value to anyone ? So far I have gotten no answers. After defeat became certain many top ranking nazis tried to distance themeslves from Hitler because they saw him as the reason they lost. They had no interest in saving him. Hans Frank is probably the best known example of this, as he was the one that started to spread the rumour that Hitler was of jewish ancestry, in order to discredit his name (as if that was neccesary !) Even his closest henchmen, Göring and Himmler, had left Hitler to his own devices when th... [More]
Comment icon #38 Posted by Gomar 9 years ago
And thus where is Hitler's body in Brazil buried? Mengele was found down there, anyone else?
Comment icon #39 Posted by StarMountainKid 9 years ago
Hitler didn't want to be captured by the Russians, that would have been a fate worse than death, so he committed suicide in the bunker. He had no reasonable chance of escaping through Berlin without being captured or of being killed in a cowardly escape attempt. Why did he stay in Berlin, when earlier he could have easily escaped to Bavaria, for instance, and hidden out for probably a longer period of time? He wanted to end it all in the Capitol, which was more honorable, as what was the point of prolonging his agony of defeat?
Comment icon #40 Posted by Sir Wearer of Hats 9 years ago
And thus where is Hitler's body in Brazil buried? Mengele was found down there, anyone else? A fair few mid-rank Nazis were found in South America, others simply rumoured to be there.
Comment icon #41 Posted by TheGreatBeliever 9 years ago
I don know but i somehow do believe hitler did make it to south america. The way the soviets hid his body n the different skull seem to be tell tale signs..
Comment icon #42 Posted by Noteverythingisaconspiracy 9 years ago
I don know but i somehow do believe hitler did make it to south america. The way the soviets hid his body n the different skull seem to be tell tale signs.. Like I wrote earlier we have allready covered this. I humbly think that my post here should cover most question: http://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=284304entry5600673 Just to clarify: The skull in question were never used to identify Hitler. X-rays of his jawbones were used to ID his remains. The main reason why the Soviets didn't display his body was Stalins reluctance to believe that Hitler was really dead. So... [More]
Comment icon #43 Posted by Pretzel Serenader 9 years ago
I'm German, and I hate talking about the holocaust,ecetera. Suprises me that people even this day question what we may never know, and that is why I love history. Just not things dealing with my history.
Comment icon #44 Posted by Hammerclaw 9 years ago
Germany only awaits redemption and will find it as the sword and shield-arm of Europe.
Comment icon #45 Posted by Knight Of Shadows 9 years ago
any one played metal slug on PSX knows where hitler disappeared
Comment icon #46 Posted by Roybat 9 years ago
http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/sociopol_germany04.htm Don't waste your money. I did

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