Sunday, April 22, 2018
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CIA informant claimed Hitler survived WWII

Posted on Saturday, 9 September, 2017 | Comment icon 84 comments

Did Hitler survive World War II ? Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 Bundesarchiv, Bild 101I-808-1238-05
Declassified CIA documents have indicated that Hitler may not have committed suicide in his bunker.
In 1955, the CIA's Western Hemisphere Division chief was allegedly sent a secret memo from the acting station chief in Venezuela who had received word from one of his informants that Hitler had actually survived the war and was now living a secluded existence in Argentina.

The informant was none other than former SS trooper Phillip Citroen, who claimed to have been in regular contact with Hitler, who was going by the name Adolph Schuttlemayer, on a monthly basis.

The document concluded by stating that none of those involved were in a position to provide an intelligence evaluation on the matter and that it was being forwarded as of "possible interest".

Even more intriguing was the discovery by the WHD chief of a similar report filed a year earlier claiming that, not only Hitler, but a whole group of Nazis had been living in South America.

"Phillip Citroen told a former member of this base that while he was working for a railroad company in Colombia, he met an individual who strongly resembled and claimed to be Hitler," the memo reads.

"Citroen claimed to have met the indivdual at a place called 'Residencias Coloniales' in Tunja, Colombia, which is, according to the source, overly populated with former Nazis."

Hitler had allegedly left Columbia for Argentina in January 1955 and Citroen had also mistakenly suggested to the station chief that, as ten years had passed, he could no longer be prosecuted.

The matter however was ultimately dropped and nothing else ever came of it.

The declassified document, along with an alleged snap of Hitler, can be viewed - here.

Source: Sputnik International | Comments (84)

Tags: Hitler, World War II, Argentina

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #75 Posted by Brandy333 on 21 January, 2018, 4:22
By Heidi Blake 6:25AM BST 24 Aug 2010 Jean-Paul Mulders, a Belgian journalist, and Marc Vermeeren, a historian, tracked down the Fuhrer’s relatives, including an Austrian farmer who was his cousin, earlier this year. A chromosome called Haplogroup E1b1b1 which showed up in their samples is rare in Western Europe and is most commonly found in the Berbers of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, as well as among Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews. "One can from this postulate that Hitler was related to people whom he despised," Mr Mulders wrote in the Belgian magazine, Knack. Haplogroup E1b1b1, which accounts... [More]
Comment icon #76 Posted by RoofGardener on 21 January, 2018, 10:08
Cousin ? Well then, the chromosome could presumably have come from his parent's siblings spouse. That does NOT mean that Hitler had this chromosome himself.  This is somewhat of a diversion from the idea that Hitler was seen in South America. 
Comment icon #77 Posted by Noteverythingisaconspiracy on 21 January, 2018, 11:09
That story is highly suspect to say the least. There was only one other person who had the same genealogy as Hitler and that was his sister Paula. Neither Paula, nor Adolf, ever had any children, so there are no one with the same family background to test. Any DNA tests of Hitlers more distant relatives are bound to include a lot of DNA that have no connection to Hitler at all. While Hitler could have some distant jewish ancestors, I think it is highly misleading to say that ... [More]
Comment icon #78 Posted by Peter B on 21 January, 2018, 13:51
These are good points. Up to Stalin's death in 1953 the Soviets would have been particularly keen to find out what happened to Hitler. Following up leads in Argentina wouldn't have been difficult. Consider that, even though Argentine dictator Juan Peron was well aware of Nazis hiding in Argentina, he also maintained good relations with the Soviets (including selling them grain). I think it wouldn't have been hard for the Soviets to find the necessary leverage to get Peron to hand over Hitler if they found any sign of him living in Argentina.
Comment icon #79 Posted by Brandy333 on 21 January, 2018, 17:52
That's what message boards are for is to discuss insights, share stories and give info.  I'm not saying I'm right and you're wrong, but there had to be a reason Hitler hated Jews so much.   Sometimes killers vent their anger and murder who they feel represent those that had a very negative effect on their life.   Just supposing somewhere in Hitler's lineage there was Jewish blood, like mother, father, aunt, uncle or grandparents and something about them enraged Hitler, then it's possible that's what caused him to go off the deep end and do what he did.
Comment icon #80 Posted by Noteverythingisaconspiracy on 21 January, 2018, 18:17
True, I just prefer my information to be based on facts, not hearsay. Maybe thats just me ? Anti-semitism was very common in the time when Hitler grew up. If it had not been common there would not have been so many people willing to help him in his crazy ideas.  We wont ever know exactly why Hitler became the man he was, but like I said anti-semitism was very common at the time. I'm not an expert on this but I think that a big part of Hitlers crazyness was due to his abusive father. Abusive fathers seem to be a common theme among dictators. If Hitler had jewish ancestors they would have been s... [More]
Comment icon #81 Posted by Noteverythingisaconspiracy on 21 January, 2018, 18:27
The Israelis managed to find Adolf Eichmann, who was much less known than Hitler. There is a very good reason why the Soviets weren't looking for Hitler: They allready found him ! Hitler saw himself as the savior of the German people and when it was clear that the war was lost, it is entirely in keeping with his personality to think that he would choose to take his own life, rather than live with his own failure. Like I said above he was not a rational man.
Comment icon #82 Posted by Peter B on 22 January, 2018, 13:50
On what basis do you accept that (for example) von Below was lying to Trevor-Roper and telling the truth afterwards? Perhaps he told Trevor-Roper the truth and lied afterwards? As for relying on testimony, consider that the Soviets were interrogating survivors from the Hitler Bunker within a week of Hitler's death. A few months later the Soviets interrogated Traudl Junge (one of Hitler's secretaries). It appears that she said nothing that contradicted the earlier interviews, despite not having had a chance to talk to the other survivors. That alone suggests that the Soviets had very clear info... [More]
Comment icon #83 Posted by skliss on 23 January, 2018, 11:10
Or they thought they did.
Comment icon #84 Posted by HollyDolly on 23 January, 2018, 15:36
I don't think we will ever know  if Hitler had any jewish genes.That is however, UNLESS his american great nephews would take a DNA test. Adolf had an older brother a half brother actually named Alois Hitler. Alois went to England and married a woman named Bridget and they had a son William. Apparently  He and his mother went to Germany and Adolf got him a job working in a factory some place.Hitler told  some associates about William trying to black mail him, which might be possible, though what over I'm not sure. In any case, his father lived in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. You had Austrians,... [More]

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