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Man stung 37 times by swarm of huge hornets

By T.K. Randall
October 25, 2015 · Comment icon 14 comments

The man and his son were attacked by large European hornets. Image Credit: CC BY 2.0 Thomas Brown
David Williams-Jones was attacked by thousands of the insects after accidentally stepping on their nest.
The 42-year-old, who is from Bassaleg in the south of Wales, had been visiting the Kenfig National Nature Reserve in Port Talbot with his 10-year-old son Harvey when the incident happened.

"My son began running and thankfully got away, but I was attacked by a swarm of hornets that kept stinging me despite me trying to flee," he said. "They could've killed my son if he hadn't got away."
By the time he managed to reach safety William-Jones, who has since been attempting to raise awareness about the dangers of hornets, had been stung by the insects 37 times.

"Even weeks after the incident, the attack has left me traumatised and it has had a massive impact on my life as I sometimes have visions and nightmares of flying insects attacking me," he said.

"My ordeal was complete and utter hell and I would hate for anyone to have to go through what I went through."

Source: South Wales Argus | Comments (14)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #5 Posted by Flashbangwallop 8 years ago
Quite frankly, this fellow is lucky to be alive. And then some I have seen a couple of them and the sting looks like a fine hypodermic needle.
Comment icon #6 Posted by Nzo 8 years ago
Something similar happened to me years ago. I accidentally moved a small rock that was blocking the sidewalk. There was a hornet and or wasp underneath the little rock. Unfortunately I was wearing socks because it was my backyard. That little bugger bit my foot so hard that my whole foot felt like it was in a large claw like grip, think lobster. Oddly enough the bite gave off an emotion of rage. I could literally feel its rage. I ran so fast inside the house. It chased me to my washroom. In the end it had stung me 5 times in a matter of 10 seconds. Not pleasant at all. Little buggers are MEAN!... [More]
Comment icon #7 Posted by stevemagegod 8 years ago
I take out the trash at my Job all the time and there is a Bees nest there. I see like 40 bees out all the time. The only time they get super p***ed off is when the Garbage men come and lift the 1000 pound trash can dumping all the trash into the truck. Whenever i come around they are so p***ed off after the truck left that i can actually hear there wings flying so fast lol. They don't seem to bother me that much anymore when i throw out the trash probably have gotten to "know" me since they don't attack me frequently as much. But still little asss holes will occiasional sting me at random spo... [More]
Comment icon #8 Posted by Goodnite 8 years ago
Just how big are these hornets?
Comment icon #9 Posted by The Unseen 8 years ago
Damn..Hes lucky to be alive , I was stung by a chicada killer that flew up my shirt and was stung only three times and they left welts the size of golf balls on my back..Ive been stung by just about every wasp and hornet but that cicada killer was the worst,,thought I was on fire...I feel for him.
Comment icon #10 Posted by MissJatti 8 years ago
Since when Wales have hornets?? Are they like American hornets
Comment icon #11 Posted by meryt-tetisheri 8 years ago
Just how big are these hornets? This one flew into the house, it was (for me at least) scary huge! Luckily it curled up & died on its own. I guess it could have been easily around 4 cm long when alive
Comment icon #12 Posted by Goodnite 8 years ago
This one flew into the house, it was (for me at least) scary huge! Luckily it curled up & died on its own. I guess it could have been easily around 4 cm long when alive Omg, that thing is humming bird size.
Comment icon #13 Posted by The Unseen 8 years ago
Since when Wales have hornets?? Are they like American hornets You think those are big..Check out how big a Cicida Killer is, It makes that hornet look little..Look them up it will freak you out, When one flys by you, You can Hear it before it can be seen.
Comment icon #14 Posted by AynRandSucks 8 years ago
I know this probably sounds silly but the same thing happened to me here in America. I was trim a hedge and didn't see the huge paper nest. I was using a electric hedge trimmer, and was on a ladder. Someone was holding the ladder and my brother was also in the yard. These huge black hornets came boiling out of this thing and I first fell off the ladder screaming and in a panic. They knew it was ME. Off I run across the yard, getting stung, one of them was behind my glasses which I then flung across the yard (the glasses), and it stung right by my eye (horror movie),one to the back of my neck a... [More]

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