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Man finds 'Nazi nukes' inside a German cave

By T.K. Randall
May 17, 2016 · Comment icon 29 comments

Did the Nazis develop nuclear weapons ? Image Credit: German Federal Archive
70-year-old Peter Lohr claims to have located five nuclear bombs inside a network of underground caverns.
The retired mechanical engineer and hobby historian made the alleged discovery in Eastern Germany under the Jonastal - a valley situated in the country's Ilm-Kreis district.

Using a combination of ground-penetrating radar and 3D imaging technology, Lohr has identified what he believes to be five nuclear bombs hidden underground by the Nazis at the end of WWII.

"The metal's been lying there for 71 years," he said during an interview. "At some point it will decay and then we will have a second Chernobyl on our hands."
Not everyone however is convinced that his discovery holds merit, especially given that there is no conclusive evidence to suggest that the Nazis ever managed to develop working nukes.

Lohr even approached local authorities about it but received a less-than-enthusiastic reply.

"They just told me that I'm not allowed to continue my research anymore," he said.

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #20 Posted by Quaentum 8 years ago
They are V2 rocket engines. His find: A V2 Rocket engine:
Comment icon #21 Posted by paperdyer 8 years ago
How could that be possible? To set off a nuclear device, you need a detonator that's a pretty powerful bomb in its own right. A "Dirty Bomb", which is a conventional bomb with added radioactive materials that just scatters radioactivity indiscriminately, is a quite different thing. True there needs to be an initial explosion, but we don't know if the Nazis bombs were made without a way to detonate easily or not. Just because our bombs are "stable" doesn't mean theirs were.
Comment icon #22 Posted by Hammerclaw 8 years ago
This is just another spurious claim like that treasure train nonsense that came to naught. There's even less evidence in this case.
Comment icon #23 Posted by Hammerclaw 8 years ago
They are V2 rocket engines. His find: A V2 Rocket engine: That's not even a picture of his find which was detected by remote means. The photo caption credits it to the German Federal Archive.
Comment icon #24 Posted by Sir Wearer of Hats 8 years ago
Look like Daleks to me.
Comment icon #25 Posted by skookum 8 years ago
The Nazi's never completed their nuclear program. This site is worth a read I don't think anyone doubts they had scientists that could have made it work but German command spread out the best scientists working on numerous projects. If the leaders had wanted a bomb I think they would have been capable of producing one way before the Allies. Thankfully the command was rubbish.
Comment icon #26 Posted by Summerin1905 8 years ago
well i couldn't resist so... "I did Nazi (not see) that coming/
Comment icon #27 Posted by unclefred 8 years ago
They were sitting  right next to the treasure train. 
Comment icon #28 Posted by BruiserBrody 8 years ago
That is just a stock image 
Comment icon #29 Posted by questionmark 8 years ago
Duh... who wudda thunk... well that is exactly what I was getting at.

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