Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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World of the Bizarre

Armed police in Germany in 3-day hunt for 'Beast of Berlin'

 VIDEO  7-21-2023 | 12

An escaped lion on the loose in Germany has prompted an extensive police search that has lasted for days.

Modern Mysteries

Woman tries to fake her own death by murdering her doppleganger

1-31-2023 | 9

A bizarre murder case out of Germany concerns a woman who sought out and murdered someone who looked just like her.

World of the Bizarre

An entire road has been stolen in Germany

1-16-2022 | 6

A bizarre crime involving the theft of an entire street in Saxony, Germany has left authorities scratching their heads.

World of the Bizarre

Dozens develop tics from Tourette's videos

9-5-2021 | 9

A psychiatrist in Germany became suspicious when dozens of patients turned up with identical symptoms.

Science & Technology

Mystery cube points to Nazi nuclear program

8-25-2021 | 10

Scientists are close to proving that a cube of uranium was part of Germany's secret WWII nuclear program.

World of the Bizarre

8-year-old steals parents' car twice in one week

8-24-2019 | 12

A young driving fan from Germany ended up crashing after repeatedly taking his parents' car out on a joyride.

World of the Bizarre

City offers $1.1M for proof that it doesn't exist

8-23-2019 | 20

A group in Bielefeld, Germany is offering a hefty cash prize to anyone who can prove that the city doesn't exist.

World of the Bizarre

Video shows giant hailstones pelting Germany

 VIDEO  6-11-2019 | 5

The Munich region of Germany was hammered by hailstones the size of tennis balls earlier this week.

Science & Technology

German physicists to tackle EmDrive mystery

6-10-2019 | 11

Scientists in Germany have built a measurement device to determine if the enigmatic EmDrive actually works.

World of the Bizarre

'Holy Spirit' saves German driver from fine

5-28-2019 | 1

A driver captured on a speed camera in Germany had their identity hidden by a rather timely dove.

Modern Mysteries

Germany gripped by crossbow deaths mystery

5-13-2019 | 15

German police investigating three crossbow deaths have discovered two more bodies hundreds of miles away.

World of the Bizarre

Factory spills liquid chocolate all over the road

 VIDEO  12-12-2018 | 13

Firefighters in the town of Werl in Germany were tasked with cleaning up a huge chocolate spill earlier this week.


Fossilized ichthyosaur has skin and blubber

12-6-2018 | 8

The 180 million-year-old specimen was originally discovered at Holzmaden quarry in Germany.


Jurassic piranhas roamed prehistoric waters

10-19-2018 | 3

A fossil belonging to one of the world's earliest known flesh-eating fish has been unearthed in Germany.


Germany has no plan in the event of ET contact

8-19-2018 | 124

The German government has 'no plans or protocol' to deal with the possibility of contact with extraterrestrials.

World of the Bizarre

Two intoxicated hedgehogs rescued in Germany

6-20-2018 | 5

The curious spiny mammals had ended up drunk after sampling a bottle of eggnog that someone had dropped.

Space & Astronomy

New tests cast doubt on 'impossible' EmDrive

5-24-2018 | 31

Researchers in Germany may have found an explanation for the thrust produced by the controversial drive.

Modern Mysteries

Missing Nazi submarine mystery finally solved

 VIDEO  4-20-2018 | 7

The wreckage of one of Germany's most advanced U-boats has been discovered off the coast of Denmark.

Science & Technology

Spider-inspired robot can both walk and roll

 VIDEO  3-30-2018 | 7

A company in Germany has developed an impressive spider-like robot that has a unique way of getting around.

Archaeology & History

Elongated skulls belonged to 'foreign' brides

3-17-2018 | 3

Researchers have been unraveling the mystery of elongated skulls discovered in southern Germany.

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