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Man swims in 1,500-gallon pool of Coca-Cola

June 30, 2016 | Comment icon 28 comments

Would you go for a swim in a pool filled with Coca-Cola ? Image Credit: YouTube / TechRax
The remarkable stunt saw a man jump in to a pool filled with several thousand bottles of fizzy drink.
The brainchild of YouTube blogger Taras 'TechRax' Maksimuk, the ludicrous endeavour involved dumping Coca-Cola, Mentos and several bags of ice in to a large swimming pool and mixing it all together in to a black, churning pool of sugary fizz.

In the video, which was uploaded last Friday, a brave volunteer by the name of Ryan can be seen taking a running jump in to the pool before cracking open a bottle of Cola and taking a swig from it.
"Ryan stayed in the pool for roughly 20 minutes and didn’t notice any significant changes to his skin or hair other than feeling really sticky," Maksimuk later told the Huffington Post in an email. "But he said his skin felt very smooth in the pool."

It remains unclear how the duo managed to obtain so much Cola or how much it cost them, but to fill a 1,500-gallon pool they would have needed several thousand bottles of it.

Source: Huffington Post | Comments (28)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #19 Posted by MJNYC 6 years ago
Way, way, way too much time on his hands.    
Comment icon #20 Posted by spartan max2 6 years ago
This does not sound enjoyable to me lol
Comment icon #21 Posted by Chortle 6 years ago
Beast best not have been coke zero. Needs to be full fat ;).
Comment icon #22 Posted by morphiouse1 6 years ago
the perfect buy a drone that sucks in liquid. don't make me laf!
Comment icon #23 Posted by Aardvark-DK 6 years ago
Add some Pizza, CS, and you got every pimpled faced boys hottest dream...
Comment icon #24 Posted by Redefining Success 6 years ago
Day after he was eaten by ants.
Comment icon #25 Posted by ChaosRose 6 years ago
I just don't understand why anyone would ever want to do this. I remember hearing that the stuff will eat through the paint job on your car, if you let it sit long enough. 
Comment icon #26 Posted by DieChecker 6 years ago
It would have been better if the pool was full of Diet Coke, and the guy jumping in was wearing sweat pants stuffed full of Mentos. Maybe he'd be lifted right out of the water and back onto the decking?
Comment icon #27 Posted by littledipperbigcuriosity 6 years ago
Do you want ants? Because that's how you get ants.
Comment icon #28 Posted by fawkes2 6 years ago
What a waste of Coke.

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