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Mystery surrounds Argentina's rotating island

By T.K. Randall
August 31, 2016 · Comment icon 23 comments

A satellite image of the lake and its mysterious island. Image Credit: Google Earth
A peculiar circular island nicknamed 'The Eye' has managed to draw a lot of attention in recent weeks.
Situated in the delta of the Parana River near Buenos Aires, this unusual-looking island gives the appearance of floating within a tiny circular lake that is itself only around 120 meters across.

It was discovered by filmmakers working on the pre-production of a new horror movie in the area which is based on real-life accounts of UFOs, ghosts and other paranormal encounters.

The team reached the island after spending eight hours battling their way through the swamps.

"The place was amazing and extremely strange," said filmmaker Sergio Neuspiller. "We discovered that the water is incredibly clear and cold, something totally unusual in the area."
"The bottom is hard, in contrast to the swampy marshes surrounding it. The center parts floats. We don't know over what, but it floats."

The team has since launched a Kickstarter campaign in an effort to investigate the mystery further.

"Basically we have an external perimeter that is constant in time, and it's almost circular, in a flood plain... where things normally change and are muddy," said researcher Pablo Suarez.

"What is going on and why, and what gave origin to this unusual feature ?"

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #14 Posted by paperdyer 8 years ago
Comment icon #15 Posted by Parsec 8 years ago
  Thank you!
Comment icon #16 Posted by Hammerclaw 8 years ago
The hand of man is not required for flowing water to create circular features.
Comment icon #17 Posted by White Unicorn 8 years ago
The thing I think is unusual about the Eye is it's a warm area, so  where's the cold water coming from? Springs have cool water from the ground but water is a little warm in the summer.  When we get the hype UFO movie from the film makers, I'm  sure we have real scientists come out to debunk it. That will be just as interesting to me as the movie.
Comment icon #18 Posted by Hammerclaw 8 years ago
Situated in the delta of the Parana River near Buenos Aires, this unusual-looking island gives the appearance of floating within a tiny circular lake that is itself only around 120 meters across. - Sorry, don't understand your question. Flowing water creating circular motion is not temperature specific.
Comment icon #19 Posted by White Unicorn 8 years ago
The filmmakers said the water was very cold in the Eye. I understand that natural circular  flowing water can create these things. I just thought if the water was icy cold in a warm swampy environment , the coldness of the water mentioned was the weirdness of it to me. 
Comment icon #20 Posted by Hammerclaw 8 years ago
A temperature measurement would be more informative. A small difference can seem "very cold" depending the ambient air temperature. It could also be fed by and underground aquifer where the water is always colder.
Comment icon #21 Posted by DieChecker 8 years ago
An upwelling in that location would allow for cold water, and clear water. Also water coming up would, to me, seem to fit better with the appearance of the circular pond (I'm not calling it a lake), because the upwelling water would move the "island" around fairly evenly, making the pond and the island round.
Comment icon #22 Posted by White Unicorn 8 years ago
I think if the filmakers come up with a movie on TV, I will watch it like the Ancient Alien show for fun. I watch AA to see the ancient sights etc, but whenever it says AA theorists believe or say yes I turn off the sound because I just can't take the UFO exaggerated hype! 
Comment icon #23 Posted by Blizno 8 years ago
I agree. The person who said they were "perfect circles" should be ashamed. The outer one looks fairly circular but the inner one is very far from circular.

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