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Science & Technology

Zombies could take over within just 60 days

November 1, 2016 | Comment icon 17 comments

Could you survive a zombie virus outbreak ? Image Credit: CC BY 2.0 Hypnotica Studios Infinite
A new computer model has calculated how long it would take for a real-life zombie virus to spread.
Developed by Argonne National Laboratory just in time for the Halloween season, the model is based on the same type of simulation used to calculate the spread of diseases such as Ebola.

By centering their zombie model in the city of Chicago, the researchers were able to determine that a real-life virus could completely take over within as little as 60 days after the initial infection.

The model indicates that within this time frame two million Chicago residents would have been turned in to 'walkers' while a further half a million would have ended up dead.
The findings echo the plot of popular TV series 'The Walking Dead' in which a zombie virus succeeds in wiping out most of the human race in less than two months.

According to the researchers, the computer model also makes it possible to see how the implementation of different strategies by local authorities could influence the outcome.

Teaching citizens how to kill zombies and setting up an improved communication system seemed to offer the best chance of keeping the maximum number of people alive following the outbreak.

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #8 Posted by Chaldon 6 years ago
Strangely enough, I've never been a bit impressed by all that zombie stuff. And the vampires-werewolves as well. I simply don't understand what people find in those kitschy, cardboard, totally commercialized comic-book rubbish.
Comment icon #9 Posted by Chaldon 6 years ago
Brilliant. That says it all.
Comment icon #10 Posted by Ashyne 6 years ago
You can play the infection simulation game "Plague Inc." and try it for yourself, it is quite accurate and you can use different viruses, bacteria and micro-organisms to spread infections and diseases. See how fast you can conquer the world and stop vaccines.
Comment icon #11 Posted by woopypooky 6 years ago
60 days to take over 2 mln people, that will be 180,000 days to take over 6 billions people. Equivalent to 450 years. Bring it on! I am so at peace.
Comment icon #12 Posted by Child of Bast 6 years ago
BRING IT. Can't do any worse than we already have.
Comment icon #13 Posted by ChaosRose 6 years ago
It depends on what kind of zombie. Those 28 Days Later zombies can keep up with a car for a while. And if someone is bitten or comes in contact with their blood, they change within seconds. If it's those types, I think we have way less time.
Comment icon #14 Posted by McFakename 6 years ago
The hardest part about a zombie apocalypse would be pretending I'm not excited
Comment icon #15 Posted by and then 6 years ago
I know it's a joke thread but a virus pandemic like the Spanish Flu of 1918 would be absolutely horrific. It would spread regardless the attempts at quarantine and would be unstoppable before millions - perhaps a billion or more, died. People who want to read of a truly frightening nightmare should try THE GREAT INFLUENZA. Places like Philly and Chicago were losing 5000 dead a day for awhile.
Comment icon #16 Posted by Farmer77 6 years ago
You hear that sound And Then? Its all the fun being sucked out of the room by your post !
Comment icon #17 Posted by Mr.United_Nations 6 years ago
The crazied infected people of 28 days wouldnt last long. As they dont eat(only attack non infected) in the ending of 28 days, you see them exshusted and starving. I guess the virus would be extinct within 4 months

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