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Space & Astronomy

NASA's Mars plan includes new Moon mission

By T.K. Randall
May 10, 2017 · Comment icon 7 comments

Will humans reach Mars in the 2030s ? Image Credit: NASA / Pat Rawlings
A crew of astronauts will spend a year in orbit around the Moon as a trial run for a mission to Mars.
During a talk at the Humans to Mars Summit in Washington D.C. yesterday, Greg Williams of NASA's Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate outlined the first two phases of the space agency's current plans for sending humans to Mars.

Of particular note was the intention to construct a "deep-space gateway" around the Moon for the purpose of developing and testing out all the technologies needed for the trip.

In addition to acting as the launch point for the eventual mission itself, the lunar gateway would also play host to a trial run - a twelve-month crewed mission that would test out the viability of surviving the journey to Mars but without the risk of stranding the astronauts out in deep space.
The lunar mission would be carried out in the late 2020s followed by a Mars mission in the 2030s.

"We're trying to lead this journey to Mars with a broad range of partnerships," said Williams.

"One of the things we'll be doing over the next few years is, putting that package together: what players want to provide what - both nationally and internationally - and how we can together, with NASA in an orchestrating role, really move out on these crewed missions to Mars."

Source: Space.com | Comments (7)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Merc14 6 years ago
Don't think I'd want to spend a year in that thing much less 3+ traveling to and from Mars.  Buzz Aldrin says we should abandon the ISS as soon as possible and put that $3.5B annually funds towards a Mars mission  http://www.space.com/36787-buzz-aldrin-retire-international-space-station-for-mars.html?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social
Comment icon #2 Posted by OverSword 6 years ago
This is uplifting news for one who as a child was glued to the TV during every second of every moon mission.  I just wish that they had been concentrating on this type of thing the entire time.  By now we would likely have much faster propulsion systems and a high orbital  permanently manned base around mars and walked on the martian moons.
Comment icon #3 Posted by A rather obscure Bassoon 6 years ago
When you think of the money Mankind has invested in destroying each other since the end of WWII, then maybe we would even be living on mars now.
Comment icon #4 Posted by paperdyer 6 years ago
I hope NASA finds a way to simulate the gravity of Mars.  If not the astronauts may have to come out in wheel chairs once they return to Earth.  A lower gravity has to be better than no gravity.  I agree with Merc, if the DST is as small as it looks in the picture on space.com, there's no way I'd want to spend a year in that.
Comment icon #5 Posted by Socio 6 years ago
I don't think the human mind is capable of being inside a small enclosure like that for such a long period of time and not suffer a psychological break or severe emotional trauma. I think we would be better off developing AI and robotics to go on these missions, use them to build infrastructure for mans arrival until such a time man can figure out to get there in a week or so.  
Comment icon #6 Posted by BeastieRunner 6 years ago
What was the result of the recent test they did in Hawaii?
Comment icon #7 Posted by Derek Willis 6 years ago
But ironically, it was the Cold War that brought about the space race of the 1960's. That said, it would have been better if we could look back and say men went to the Moon purely out of the desire to explore and to advance human technology. 

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