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Car filmed stuck in bizarre upright position

By T.K. Randall
August 5, 2017 · Comment icon 26 comments

A couple driving home in Connecticut recently were shocked to come across this highly unusual spectacle.
Filmed in West Suffield on Wednesday during a heavy rainstorm, the above footage shows a car that had somehow ended up suspended almost in mid air with only the rear bumper touching the ground.

"So we are in a storm right now and... I literally don't know what, I think the wind took it," a woman can be heard saying. "This is what's happening right now in Suffield on a mountain road."

Photographs posted on to Facebook by the Suffield Fire Department however later revealed exactly what had happened - the car had become tangled up in the wires of a fallen telephone pole.
"We could see the telephone pole break and fall in front of us," said Lisa Beaulieu, who had been driving the stricken vehicle. "And I couldn't stop and we ended up getting tangled up in the wires."

"We were really scared. I was worried we were going to fall."

Luckily however, both Lisa and her two children made it to safety without injury.

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #17 Posted by RabidMongoose 7 years ago
Sure, its real just because other people say it is. The reflection in the car window is not off the trees we can see. And again, if you zoom in you can see both lighting disturbances and blurring around the car where the creator has tried (quite well but not perfectly) to insert a video of a car into one of trees and a road as a background. Its fake. If you have ever tried this yourself you will be familiar with the problem.
Comment icon #18 Posted by freetoroam 7 years ago
absolutely ridiculous. Have you seen the video? that is not fake. The car is not standing up by its self, it is caught up in the cables.  And it is not "real just because other people say it is.", it is real because it was recorded, the fire service is there, are they pasted in as well? . I can not believe you are even questioning this video. How can you not see the reflections on the bonnet, windows and roof  as being real? how can you not even see the car caught up in the cables?    
Comment icon #19 Posted by seeder 7 years ago
Its real because its real. None of the major news networks that run the story have cried fake, we even have the call to the emergency services    
Comment icon #20 Posted by seeder 7 years ago
Fire service posting from their facebook page about this event...with images if you visit facebook and scroll down their page  
Comment icon #21 Posted by seeder 7 years ago
  You could have just visited the fire services page or the cops page at Facebook.... or their own websites if they have them  Instead of wasting time on imaging programs  
Comment icon #22 Posted by RabidMongoose 7 years ago
I think you missed the intended sarcasm. Its 100% fake and obvious too.
Comment icon #23 Posted by seeder 7 years ago
  why bother putting it in MS Paint then and drawing black circles where it was allegedly image blurred?
Comment icon #24 Posted by acute 7 years ago
Nah, it's real. Those are jpeg artefacts, I reckon.
Comment icon #25 Posted by seeder 7 years ago
  well will you now return and admit its 100% real?
Comment icon #26 Posted by RabidMongoose 7 years ago
Thank you for buffing up my already mighty and impressive ego. The fact you cannot move on without requiring my endorsement confirms my God complex to me. Award yourself a cookie.

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