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Hang glider cheats death in terrifying video

By T.K. Randall
November 27, 2018 · Comment icon 10 comments

Gursky was lucky to be alive. Image Credit: YouTube / Gursk3
Novice hang glider Chris Gursky almost died after his pilot failed to attach his safety harness.
Gursky, who had no prior hand gliding experience whatsoever, had been looking forward to the spectacular views over Switzerland when, upon taking off from the hillside, he realized to his horror that his instructor had forgotten to attach his harness, leaving him clinging on for dear life.

Footage of the flight, which has since gone viral, shows him struggling to hold on as the glider soars high above the trees.

The pilot attempted in vain to make a quick landing, but ended up climbing even higher.
As Gurksy's muscles started to give out, it took him everything he had left to stop himself from falling as he grasped the glider's metal bar, as well as the pilot's trousers, with all his might.

By the time the glider finally landed, he had torn his left bicep tendon from the strain of holding on.

He also fractured his wrist from the impact of dropping from the glider at the end.

The fact that he managed to walk away from the ordeal at all is nothing short of miraculous.

Source: YouTube | Comments (10)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by South Alabam 5 years ago
Most people couldn't hang on their own weight for long before letting go. He held on for 2:14 seconds.
Comment icon #2 Posted by Michelle 5 years ago
Not that I've experienced anything like that...but it isn't called a death grip for nothing. You'd be surprised at the sudden inner strength you can come up with. 
Comment icon #3 Posted by AllPossible 5 years ago
Note to self... Do as many pull ups and chin ups as possible before I hang glide which I'll never do. I skydived 1x. Went up15K feet while strapped to the instructors harness. The fall itself wasn't bad. Kind of euphoric but when he released the parachute & I saw the ground thousands of feet below while I'm dangling I just looked across the horizon straight & said never again LOL... I'm happy I did but won't again especially a hot air balloon. That's more insane
Comment icon #4 Posted by TrikeTrash 5 years ago
Well, at least the "instructor" didn't eat the memory card this time!   Go ahead, google it...
Comment icon #5 Posted by Unfortunately 5 years ago
"...had been looking forward to the spectacular views over Switzerland,"   Somehow I don't think this is what he had in mind.   
Comment icon #6 Posted by toast 5 years ago
"In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes" - Andy Warhol -
Comment icon #7 Posted by Robotic Jew 5 years ago
Terrifying. I don't think I could've held on for that long. The urge to let go would get stronger and stronger for sure.
Comment icon #8 Posted by Susanc241 5 years ago
Equally amazing is that he doesn�t appear to be planning to sue anybody anytime soon!
Comment icon #9 Posted by Jon the frog 5 years ago
Didn't have brown pants ! But he will never forget to attach himself after that! Good teaching !  
Comment icon #10 Posted by aztek 5 years ago
wow, a close call. my brother in law and i love flying,  we wanted to get a 2 seat gyro copter, but decided against it, after a short flight, . we got  4 seater plane, that is almost 40 years old, after some work, and engine overhaul, it is better than it was new,  kids love it more than anyone, they love flying and me and my brother in law love that we can take kids for a flight early in the morning on a weekend, have  either my wife or his take them home in the afternoon, and we get to spend time "maintaining the plane" , and wives will not be ringing our phones off the hook. so we have ... [More]

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