Tuesday, December 10, 2019
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Man discovers 'Bigfoot tracks' in Washington

Posted on Saturday, 9 March, 2019 | Comment icon 99 comments

Steve Meacham discovered the tracks while out on a drive. Image Credit: YouTube / KREM 2 News
A Medical Lake man believes that he has photographed a set of footprints left by the legendary Sasquatch.
Retiree Steve Meacham and his wife had been driving through their neighborhood looking for nature scenes to photograph when they spotted something unusual in the snow - a set of large footprints, each measuring approximately 23 inches across with a 35-inch stride.

The couple attempted to follow the trail but had to turn back as the snow was too deep.

"I have no idea what could [have] made these, other than Bigfoot!" Meacham wrote on Facebook.

But could this really be evidence of a mysterious bipedal hominid or is there a simpler explanation ?
According to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, it is possible that the footprints are the result of 'postholing' - which is when a hiker without snowshoes sinks in to the snow on each stride.

Meacham, however, remains unconvinced and is adamant that Bigfoot is out there.

"I'll be a believer until they prove he's not and I don't think that's ever going to happen," he said.

A news video showing photographs of the tracks can be viewed below.

Source: KREM.com | Comments (99)

Tags: Bigfoot

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #90 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps on 6 April, 2019, 18:21
Anecdotal evidence is not the end all but it is interesting. In this case, it is not yet clear. Yup on both. Now, if someone in here wants  to show me why this case is not a case of BF - such as showing a hoaxer confess to it, fine. but just saying it can't be  bf because bf does not exist, well, that's just a big waste of time. As long as I know that you are not a "true disbeliever", we will converse. No! What I want are objective comments from people who are trying to prove it *one way or the other* based on evidences. I am not here to listen to delicious lies as much as I am not here to  li... [More]
Comment icon #91 Posted by Abilityperson on 6 April, 2019, 21:17
Please can someone explain to me, why are people on a site if they don't believe? Why be negative and smug people who believe or has had there own experience? Why can't BF be real? Do you have proof he is not real? One thing I learned in life when skepticism comes around they always want the believers to prove it is real well for believers like me in crypto and ghost and U.F.O PLEASE PROVE US WRONG. So then proof we are wrong, till then please stop being ignorant and calling ppl lier's 
Comment icon #92 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps on 6 April, 2019, 22:24
AbilityPerson, I personally am not sure-sure that BF exists however, I feel it could exist and does, and I want to know what the truth is, and all views should be acceptable in here . In the meantime, I understand why the skeptics put the onus on us to prove it, that is not a problem for me. As for why they are here...? I have asked several of them that same question. It is strange. It should feel to them like it would for me to go to the Santa Claus boards to tell kids there is no Santa. Is that a way to have a good time??  very strange to me. But they have the right to be here and can someti... [More]
Comment icon #93 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps on 6 April, 2019, 23:03
Ridiculous question bats, c'mon. Do I have to waste time talking about this Maybe. These are not pros, they are volunteers. no telling what the can do, or not. Really? Prints in deep snow can last a long time. I wouldn't toss them out right off. If they could video a helicopter view that would be cool. but whatever, just don't walk all over the prints. take vids. measurements. But try to find the beginning and end of the prints at all costs Likely done bun not known
Comment icon #94 Posted by jmccr8 on 7 April, 2019, 0:34
Hi Third_eye I was thinking Trump getting out to get some on the sly. jmccr8
Comment icon #95 Posted by third_eye on 7 April, 2019, 0:40
Funny thing is , I have read that it was Melania getting away from 'tiny ' hands ~
Comment icon #96 Posted by jmccr8 on 7 April, 2019, 0:43
Sooo,...the leprechauns are in on it too, what next Russians.  jmccr8
Comment icon #97 Posted by the13bats on 7 April, 2019, 3:15
you know trump is sorta kinda built like the creature in the patterson gimlin film. why am i here , why are disbeliever here who will or wont converse with me..anecdotal proves zip...etc ad nauseam .blah blah and big blah. any and all that i have answered countless times and it doesnt matter how its repackaged its lame trollio bs and beating a dead horse for some to harp on it, i as a person who doesnt believe in bigfoot due to the miriad of evidence against it but who still is open for proof i will again state the fact disproving means zip proving is what counts and that is not my burden, if ... [More]
Comment icon #98 Posted by jmccr8 on 7 April, 2019, 3:19
Love thy enemy unless it is the enemy of my enemy then were are a team and after them well it is a world domination thing so your next. jmccr8
Comment icon #99 Posted by stereologist on 11 April, 2019, 15:01
I think you have the idea a bit off. The burden is on those trying to show something exists. There is no need to prove believers wrong. That is asking for evidence when the believer has no evidence. The onus is on the believer to provide evidence to support their case. Telling believers that they have no evidence should be clear to the believer. That's not being negative but pointing out a simple truth.  You asked why BF can't be real. The question is really what evidence supports the existence of BF? Are there skeletal remains suggesting BF exists? No. Is there a body? No. Is there DNA that i... [More]

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