Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Uber unveils futuristic flying taxi service

Posted on Sunday, 16 June, 2019 | Comment icon 21 comments

Would you hail a ride from a flying taxi ? Image Credit: YouTube / Uber
The popular ride-hailing firm has revealed its ambitious vision of a future where road taxis are a thing of the past.
Uber has been going from strength to strength in recent years and its upcoming flying taxi service 'Uber Air' is set to make it a premium choice for city passengers well in to the future.

At a recent unveiling, the firm revealed its futuristic Uber Air taxi - a drone/plane hybrid that can shift the orientation of its rotors to help it take-off and land as well as to cruise through the sky.

Each taxi will be capable of carrying four passengers at a time.
The company is even working on a design for a special rooftop platform for the taxis that can be added to existing buildings, making it easy to integrate the service in to heavily built-up cities.

While Uber admits that this new mode of transport won't be cheap to begin with, it believes that over time the prices will come down to the point where it will be no more expensive than owning a car.

"Our vision is that on a daily basis it'll be more economically rational for you to fly than for you to drive," said Eric Allison, head of Uber Elevate.

Tests are due to begin next year and if all goes well, the service could launch as early as 2023.

Source: Brinkwire.com | Comments (21)

Tags: Uber, Flying Car

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #12 Posted by psyche101 on 17 June, 2019, 7:17
Have you read the articles on it?  They seem to be preempting as much as they can. I have to say, it looks not only viable, but several cities have lined up for the 2020 trials. 
Comment icon #13 Posted by Farmer77 on 17 June, 2019, 7:18
and you can guarantee that Uber the company as it currently exists will have almost if not exactly nothing to do with the actual aircraft operations. Im positive smart, established , part 135 aircraft operators are lining up to break ground on this and be the vendor for Uber.  
Comment icon #14 Posted by psyche101 on 17 June, 2019, 7:46
There's even already competition with at least 4 companies running with the same idea. 
Comment icon #15 Posted by Farmer77 on 17 June, 2019, 7:53
Thats awesome. As im thinking about it the air ambulance possibilities with the infrastructure these companies develop are exciting as hell.
Comment icon #16 Posted by the13bats on 17 June, 2019, 10:43
sure, but its i guess a perception i have of some things, like tesla electric cars, sure they are running around, sold to the public ( who can afford them ) but at the moment i see electric cars as more a novelty at this time, cutting edge, my little 10 sq mile town has car charging stations, ive been here 4 years seen them used zero times. in the last 40 x years i saw gung ho ideas and plans for things like rocket trains and monorails all kinds of stuff come and go, there is a lot of technology yet to be perfected and liability with automated flying machines and a lot more so carring passenge... [More]
Comment icon #17 Posted by psyche101 on 17 June, 2019, 10:47
I agree, the time saving is great. I can't see the average household with a flying car in the garage, but from a commercial perspective its brilliant. 
Comment icon #18 Posted by psyche101 on 17 June, 2019, 11:21
That's fair enough, but I just didn't see the potential like that for Tesla cars. The battery technology just isn't there. Its not a new idea, electric cars were all the rage early 1900s, in fact the first hybrid car was invented in the late 1800s. If it was going to work, the Prius would have heralded in a new era.  Same here. I've seen the stations but not one in use. I design large electrical projects though, and there's plenty of them going in. Either we are missing something or the councils are setting up this infrastructure for a big change.  Interestingly......  My flatmates brother in ... [More]
Comment icon #19 Posted by the13bats on 17 June, 2019, 13:23
im just tosings a different view on it, that that uber air ad, the craft remind me of the ones from 6th day, cool sci fi. all painfree the lady shoots to the roof where several craft wait and whisk her over traffic, reminds me of flying car art from the 20s or 30s, my thoughts are cost of each unit, operating cost of unit, no pilot, we do not that i know of have driver free wheeled taxis yet do we? anyway how much would they have to charge for a 30 min jaunt to even break even? insurance isnt going to be cheap, lets hope one doesnt fall on anyone. will people under it all be cool with cutting ... [More]
Comment icon #20 Posted by XenoFish on 17 June, 2019, 13:24
Uber Air Taxi, ufo sightings up 100%
Comment icon #21 Posted by TripGun on 18 June, 2019, 18:38
If it is a vertical drone then design it as one, the airplane hybrid will have a lot more issues fighting itself. 

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