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YouTuber allegedly owns copy of 'most convincing UFO video ever'

By T.K. Randall
May 5, 2023 · Comment icon 16 comments

Could the footage be authentic ? Image Credit: Pixabay / KarstenBergmann
Logan Paul reportedly made a surreptitious recording of footage obtained by UFO expert Chuck Clark 30 years ago.
Speaking on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast recently, James Fox - director of the the 2020 UFO documentary The Phenomenon - claimed that prolific YouTuber Logan Paul had acquired an illicit copy of what has been described as the world's most convincing UFO video.

The footage had been in the possession of UFO expert Chuck Clark and had originally been recorded by two men out in the Nevada desert several decades ago.

Paul was so intrigued that he actually approached Clark with $100,000 in the hope of purchasing it, but when the offer was turned down, he used a hidden camera to record a copy of the footage after convincing Clark to play it back for him.

He has since been reluctant to release it to the public, however, over fears that he could face legal issues with the United States government.

So while we don't have the video itself, we do have a description of it courtesy of Fox who claimed to have witnessed the playback himself several years ago.
According to his recollection of it, the original footage was filmed from inside a car and shows the two men freaking out about an object that appears overhead.

"One of them goes, 'It's over the top of us! It's over the top of us!'" Fox recalled. "Then all of a sudden, the car lights up on the inside, but the source of light is above it."

One of the men got out of the car to observe the object which was "so low you could have hit it with a rock."

"If you could imagine the skin on the craft glowing like phosphorus on a beach," he said. "That's what it looked like -- like the skin was alive. And it had like a yellowy-orange color to it, but you could clearly see it was a disk. I'd never see anything like it. And it just wobbled like it was unstable."

Exactly who the two men were, however, remains unclear.

Source: IB Times | Comments (16)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #7 Posted by Alchopwn 12 months ago
So... Where's this evidence?
Comment icon #8 Posted by Essan 12 months ago
Give me $500k and I'll show you it
Comment icon #9 Posted by Zebra3 12 months ago
Too many blows to the skull.
Comment icon #10 Posted by Dejarma 12 months ago
the usual boring zzzz crap
Comment icon #11 Posted by Guyver 12 months ago
Nothing to see here.  Too bad.  I wanted to see the most convincing UFO footage ever.
Comment icon #12 Posted by Hazzard 12 months ago
How can we trust anything recorded these days when there is an app to fake absolutely everything! Not even to mention the guys that fake UFO videos for a living... for likes and followers. As Im getting older Im still as skeptical of the paranormal as ever, but Im still hopeful, that one of these days someone somewhere will finaly find that illusive Exhibit A. Not holding my breath though.   
Comment icon #13 Posted by Skulduggery 12 months ago
Oh this again. I have been hearing about this supposed video for so long and nobody ever shares it. I don't think it exists. Or, it's an obvious hoax and that's why it hasn't been made public.
Comment icon #14 Posted by Trelane 12 months ago
Finally, disclosure!!!! I don't care what you skeptics say. It's aliens, deal with it.
Comment icon #15 Posted by Bed of chaos 12 months ago
I think Chuck Clark got raided by the feds. Logan Paul makes YouTube videos for 12yr olds. This must be authentic.
Comment icon #16 Posted by kartikg 11 months ago
There was a recent tweet saying that the video quality on the VHS was severely degraded, make whatever of that. 

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