Saturday, December 2, 2023
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World of the Bizarre

YouTuber faces jail after deliberately crashing his plane for views

 VIDEO  5-12-2023 | 11

Trevor Jacob has admitted to crashing his plane on purpose to attract subscribers to his YouTube channel.

The UFO Phenomenon

YouTuber allegedly owns copy of 'most convincing UFO video ever'

5-5-2023 | 16

Logan Paul reportedly made a surreptitious recording of footage obtained by UFO expert Chuck Clark 30 years ago.

World of the Bizarre

Pokemon-streaming fish commits credit card fraud live on air

1-28-2023 | 5

A YouTuber who let his pet fish play video games got more than be bargained for during a recent livestream.

Space & Astronomy

A DJ, a rapper and a YouTuber are set to fly to the Moon on Musk's Starship

12-9-2022 | 8

SpaceX is planning to send a human crew around the Moon in its new Starship spacecraft as early as next year.

World of the Bizarre

YouTuber creates a bicycle with two half wheels

 VIDEO  7-9-2022 | 11

The novel contraption replaces the standard rear wheel of the bike with two halves which alternate as you ride along.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

YouTuber Coyote Peterson announces 'Bigfoot' skull discovery

7-8-2022 | 182

The wildlife presenter claims that he has discovered the large skull of an unknown primate in Canada.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Urban explorer films 'ghost boy' in Jordan

 VIDEO  4-29-2021 | 12

YouTuber Hasan Bar Bar captured a mysterious figure on camera during his recent exploration of an old building.

World of the Bizarre

YouTuber fakes girlfriend's death, holds seance

1-28-2020 | 23

Popular YouTuber 'ImJayStation' admitted to faking the death of his girlfriend in order to attract more subscribers.

Science & Technology

Inventor builds working prototype lightsaber

 VIDEO  12-28-2019 | 23

A popular YouTuber has designed and built an actual functioning protosaber that can literally melt your face off.

Science & Technology

Insane experiment produces giant foam volcano

 VIDEO  12-21-2019 | 7

YouTuber Nick Uhas recently tried to set a new world record by creating a mountain of 'elephant toothpaste'.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Beauty vlogger films 'paranormal activity'

11-27-2019 | 33

YouTuber Daisy Marquez had been filming a promotional piece when something unexpected happened.

The UFO Phenomenon

Mystery lights filmed hovering over Las Vegas

 VIDEO  10-25-2019 | 13

A young YouTuber recently captured footage of a row of anomalous lights hovering over Nevada's largest city.


YouTubers arrested for trespassing at Area 51

9-12-2019 | 27

Two Dutch Youtubers have been arrested by police during an ill-fated attempt to reach the secretive base.

Science & Technology

Uber unveils futuristic flying taxi service

 VIDEO  6-16-2019 | 21

The popular ride-hailing firm has revealed its ambitious vision of a future where road taxis are a thing of the past.

Science & Technology

Uber to launch flying taxi service by 2020

 VIDEO  11-9-2017 | 11

The ride-hailing giant is reportedly working with NASA to develop a traffic signal system for flying cars.

Space & Astronomy

Potatoes actually can grow outside on Mars

3-9-2017 | 23

A new research satellite has revealed that it is possible to grow tubers in the conditions found on Mars.

World of the Bizarre

T. rex fails to shovel snow in Massachusetts

 VIDEO  2-11-2017 | 11

YouTuber Leslie Haasch decided to try clearing up the snow in her garden while dressed as a dinosaur.

Science & Technology

Spectacular light pillars appear over Canada

 VIDEO  1-13-2017 | 10

An unusual natural phenomenon was spotted over Ontario a week ago by YouTuber Timmy Joe Elzinga.

World of the Bizarre

Man bathes in 1,250 bottles of hot sauce

 VIDEO  8-28-2016 | 35

YouTuber Cemre Candar decided it would be a good idea to jump in to a bathtub filled with spicy sauce.

Space & Astronomy

Curiosity finds shiny protuberance on Mars

2-8-2013 | 107

NASA's rover has discovered something unusual - a metallic object protruding out from some rocks.

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