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US Navy has patented exotic 'UFO' technologies

By T.K. Randall
June 30, 2019 · Comment icon 38 comments

What has the US Navy been working on ? Image Credit: YouTube / Northrop Grumman
The US Navy appears to be developing exotic aircraft not dissimilar to the UFOs recently sighted by its own pilots.
Recently it emerged that between 2007 and 2012 the Pentagon had been involved in a secretive $22M project known as the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program which was set up to investigate credible sightings of unidentified flying objects over US air space.

Among these were reports by US Navy pilots of unknown objects traveling at impossible speeds without any visible means of propulsion, or hovering without any apparent means of lift.

Now it turns out that the US Navy has in fact patented a whole host of exotic technological concepts including a "hybrid aerospace-underwater craft" capable of unparalleled manoeuvrability both in the water and out of it - something that sounds a lot like what the Navy's own pilots have been reporting.
According to a report by, the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of the Naval Aviation Enterprise wrote a letter to the primary patent examiner to emphasize the importance of awarding the United States the patent because China is already "investing significantly" in such technologies.

There are also US Navy patents for a "high frequency gravitational wave generator", an "electromagnetic 'force field' generator" and even a "craft using an inertial mass reduction device."

If such technologies were in development, and especially if another country such as China is already in possession of such aircraft, it could go a long way to explaining the US Navy's interest in pilot UFO encounters and its recent move to standardize the reporting process.

Source: The Drive | Comments (38)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #29 Posted by Ironside 5 years ago
I'll take that as the physics the explain involved doesnt really make sense? Thats why i wanted you involved @Tatetopa I dont understand how it could be hoaxed, its filed on behalf the Secretary of The US Navy and Northrup Grumman.
Comment icon #30 Posted by Ironside 5 years ago
Guys i have been looking over these patents and I've come up with a conclusion This patent here describes a device not dissimilar to a super-advanced blimp.   Although no; I do not know if i fully understand the physics or even some of the concepts, It seems like a pretty easy thing to create if you actually know what you are doing. Can anybody confirm this? I think somebody may have had this these in working order for a long time. With these recent admissions from official sources an... [More]
Comment icon #31 Posted by Alchopwn 5 years ago
It is not enough for something to work "in theory" under the US patent system. What can be patented? LINK The rules are quite clear that you cannot patent an idea.  The concept must be "embodied".
Comment icon #32 Posted by stereologist 5 years ago
That sounds like the Em drive which does not work. In general this is a reactionless drive since it violates the law of motion that for each reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Comment icon #33 Posted by stereologist 5 years ago
The fact that it must be "embodied" does not mean you have to make one. You simply have to describe that it is an object and not an idea.
Comment icon #34 Posted by Ironside 5 years ago
Isn't just a example of an Em drive. Wouldn't that be a broad term for a class of propulsion? I mean i know they violate the laws of conservation and momentum etc.. but surely in the future we could possibly find an example of something that is able to get around or bend them so to speak?  
Comment icon #35 Posted by stereologist 5 years ago
Remember that these laws of conservation have been checked at all levels from the quantum world to the macroscopic world and they do not show even a hint of violation. That is why they are called laws. You can check out some other laws as well. What spurred interest is that these drives showed a small but detectable thrust. The nature of that thrust was not determined till recently.  What we do know at this point is that testing of these types o... [More]
Comment icon #36 Posted by Ironside 5 years ago
Thanks Stereo, I'll read up!  the future of science is looking hopeful
Comment icon #37 Posted by .AKUMA. 5 years ago
Just out of curiosity guys lets compare this to some of the older tech Produced by the US, was the the SR71/A12 or any of their tech patented? was any of the technology behind the MIRV based ICBMs Patented? was the tech behind the f22 YF23 Patented? and these are all real.
Comment icon #38 Posted by stereologist 5 years ago
If they did patent them then there would be public records. That's not what you do with top secret technology. I assume that these were top secret. The patents mentioned here are unlikely to be anything other than a means of keeping private industry from keeping the government out of a technology area where the government wants a foothold in case something turns out to work. I see this more as legal maneuvering than actual devices.

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