Monday, January 25, 2021
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Study claims to have 'debunked' dark energy

Posted on Thursday, 9 January, 2020 | Comment icon 21 comments

Could dark energy be a cosmic blunder ? Image Credit: CC BY 4.0 ESO/M. Kornmesser
A controversial new study has suggested that this hypothetical form of energy may not actually exist at all.
Thought to be responsible for the continued acceleration of the expansion of the universe, dark energy has been a staple of astrophysics for years despite having never been directly detected or observed.

Evidence of dark energy has been found by measuring the way the light from certain types of supernovae changes as these objects move away from us due to the universe's expansion.

Now though, a team of researchers from Yonsei University in Seoul believe that they have cast reasonable doubt on the idea that the supernova data supports the existence of dark energy.

"Quoting Carl Sagan, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, but I am not sure we have such extraordinary evidence for dark energy," said study leader Prof Young-Wook Lee.

"Our result illustrates that dark energy from SN cosmology, which led to the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics, might be an artifact of a fragile and false assumption."
The key to their findings was discovering that supernovae in younger galaxies appeared to be fainter than those in older galaxies - a fact that, if true, would seem to contradict earlier assumptions that supernova luminosity does not evolve over cosmic time.

This, in turns, calls into question earlier findings about dark energy and the expansion of the cosmos.

Not everyone however is convinced that these new findings are accurate and there also happens to be other evidence supporting the existence of dark energy outside of measuring supernovae.

One way or another, the new study is likely to generate some lively debate over the coming weeks.

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #12 Posted by Guyver on 18 January, 2020, 1:15
Of course.  If we could manifest our thoughts, we'd all be attractive, rich and healthy.  
Comment icon #13 Posted by XenoFish on 18 January, 2020, 1:29
Exactly. Life would be too easy. If one were to apply that same unwavering attention towards something they wish, along with steadfast determination, they could achieve victories great and small in their lives. Instead many waste such energy and potential with wishful thinking. 
Comment icon #14 Posted by joc on 18 January, 2020, 2:51
Comment icon #15 Posted by Calibeliever on 18 January, 2020, 16:50
I don't want to get too far in the weeds with this, but I've actually given this a lot of thought over the decades and I'm not sure that's true. Suffering seems to be a requirement of the human condition for some unknown reason and whether you believe you manifest your reality or not, I certainly see many contributing to their only suffering willingly. There's an entire deep discussion to be had here, but as I said, I don't want to get too far down this rabbit hole just now. My .02 of everything being an 'illusion' is simply no, it's not. While it's true that some aspects of the smoky mirror a... [More]
Comment icon #16 Posted by Brian K on 19 January, 2020, 19:36
Visual hallucination in concert with subconsciously controlled lack of movement, the antithesis of tics and spasms, is neither godlike nor a question of turning thought form into a genuine physical manifestation.  All the imaginary perceptive stimuli is momentary, therefore static and finite, albeit vast.  There is no power or duality whatsoever in merely thinking and feeling.  
Comment icon #17 Posted by Brian K on 19 January, 2020, 19:55
What some describe as a void or nothingness during meditation is polar neutralization, but the polarizing experience of perception is by no means limited to one's deliberate amnesiac perspective, so much goes on behind the figurative scenes on an undissociated level.  The post to which your responded, referring to everyone being rich, heathy, and attractive, forsakes far too many unguarded or subconscious thoughts.  One who experiences uncorroborated auditory hallucinations gets a little better glimpse into what generally remains unexplored, but is still the tip of the iceberg in terms of what... [More]
Comment icon #18 Posted by XenoFish on 19 January, 2020, 19:58
So crazy people for the win, got it.
Comment icon #19 Posted by Brian K on 19 January, 2020, 20:27
And ad hominem for the forfeiture.  Congratulations.
Comment icon #20 Posted by XenoFish on 19 January, 2020, 20:32
I'm not much for word salad. It's always unpalatable.
Comment icon #21 Posted by Brian K on 19 January, 2020, 20:34
Well poisoning, too?  You're making a fallacy salad, sir.

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