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Science & Technology

SARS-type virus blamed for outbreak in China

By T.K. Randall
January 9, 2020 · Comment icon 518 comments

Efforts are underway to prevent the spread of infection. Image Credit: CC BY 4.0 Nesnad
Scientists now believe that a coronavirus is responsible for a recent pneumonia outbreak in the city of Wuhan.
Since December of last year, as many as 60 people in China have fallen ill with pneumonia due to a mysterious contagion that has remained notoriously difficult to identify.

Now according to lead scientist Xu Jianguo, preliminary laboratory results based on the testing of infected blood samples and throat swabs indicate that a new coronavirus may be to blame.

It's a possibility also backed up by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Coronoviruses are responsible for a number of different illnesses ranging from the common cold to the flu-like SARS virus which infected 8,098 people and killed 774 back at the beginning of the century.
As it happens, SARS also originated in China before spreading to dozens of other countries.

As things stand however, this new virus seems to be contained in Wuhan for the time being and there is no direct evidence that it is even capable of being transmitted from human to human.

According to China's WHO representative Gauden Galea, more work needs to be done to "determine the source, modes of transmission, extent of infection and countermeasures implemented."

In the meantime, authorities are stepping up efforts to screen travelers and to effectively disinfect trains, planes and other modes of public transport in case the virus does start to spread.

So far nobody has died, however seven of those infected are said to be in a critical condition.

Source: BBC News | Comments (518)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #509 Posted by toast 4 years ago
Mar-a-Lago: drinks 45-95$ in general, pool/beach/Corona no charge for Imperator-Platinum-Members™
Comment icon #510 Posted by razman 4 years ago
gotta wonder if you can really trust any of these reporting sources. Or if they really even know.
Comment icon #511 Posted by Raptor Witness 4 years ago
Coronavirus deaths in Italy rise to 1,266 - up 250 in a day - Sky News 3-13-2020 ___________ I have heard rumors, so I don’t know if it’s true, that they are actually holding lottery’s in Italy, to see who lives or dies.
Comment icon #512 Posted by Eldorado 4 years ago
South Korea reports lowest number of new cases in four weeks BBC: Moscow Workers Race to Finish 'Chinese-Inspired' Virus Hospital Moscow Times: Link
Comment icon #513 Posted by Raptor Witness 3 years ago
Comment icon #514 Posted by Raptor Witness 2 years ago
This was the first thread on the pandemic discovery. Congratulations … @Still Waters. Meanwhile, It’s noteworthy that @and then was already toying with the idea of letting the disease simply “burn through” all of humanity. Congratulations to @and then for being the first vaccine skeptic on this topic.  
Comment icon #515 Posted by ZOXS 2 years ago
It’s never going to end. I’m not saying we shouldn’t vaccinate people but vaccination isn’t the end goal. Don’t think by vaccinating yourself that you are helping speed up the process to go back to normal. You aren’t. Nothing can stop this ball rolling now that it is on the hill. We can only hope that it doesn’t get too far out of hand and require more sacrifices of our privacy and sense of self than it has already demanded us. We can only hope that COVID doesn’t kill more people. Vaccination is still good, it protects you and people who aren’t vaccinated. Vaccine passports are stupid. They ar... [More]
Comment icon #516 Posted by Raptor Witness 2 years ago
A less harmful mutation could lead to this being just one of the 200 or so rhino viruses. I wouldn’t be shocked if that is how this eventually played out. The problem are the number of mammals becoming infected. That’s a real wild card, and could lead to a completely new kind of killer.
Comment icon #517 Posted by ZOXS 2 years ago
Even if the virus becomes manageable, the ideology brought by it won’t disappear any time soon. I have heard from people that they will keep wearing a mask even after the pandemic ends.   Some people have become socially awkward or distant due to many different factors. For example, I have heard from dashers (drivers from DoorDash) that they would feel more comfortable with no-contact deliveries staying even after the pandemic. That might not seem like a big deal but every small push for less social interaction adds up.    Online school has had an uptick as well and now many people want to wor... [More]
Comment icon #518 Posted by Raptor Witness 2 years ago
Thanks in large part to this thread, I bought my N-95 masks in late January of 2020, when they were still on the store shelves. I also got my pneumonia shot around the same time, to help prevent any secondary bacterial infection. Only local "fools" were wearing masks as early as I was. I still remember the early laughter around town, and the lying CDC which selfishly misled the American people about them. Wearing N95 masks in public is a smart idea, if you’re worried about catching a cold or the flu. It’s a common practice in parts of Asia.

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