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Haunted Michigan town 'was like living in hell'

By T.K. Randall
February 22, 2020 · Comment icon 16 comments

Residents of the town have had to move out to escape the phenomena. Image Credit:
A new TV series will explore cases of entire towns that have been incessantly plagued by paranormal activity.
With a population of 755, the small town of Merrill, Michigan might seem at a glance like any other rural settlement. On closer inspection however, things there are anything but ordinary.

Since the 1970s, the town has been under siege by a relentless onslaught of paranormal incidents and strange phenomena, forcing some residents to pack up and leave entirely.

In the first episode of new Travel Channel series Haunting in the Heartland, filmmaker Steve Shippy spoke to some of those whose lives have been impacted by these peculiar events.

One family, who left the town in 1974, recalled being forced to move after enduring six months of unexplained banging sounds and spontaneous fires which left them terrified.
Another family, who still lives in the town, has been tormented by unexplained cold spots, banging sounds, spontaneous scratch marks and sightings of a shadowy apparition.

One resident described the town as "a nightmare", while another said it was "like living in hell."

The show, which started airing on February 21st, will also feature a number of other similarly haunted towns including Malvern, Iowa and Greeneville, Tennessee.

"The stories of the heartland show how powerful these cases can be and how town folks stick together," said Shippy. "Watching them fight for their peace is one of the most powerful things."

Source: New York Post | Comments (16)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #7 Posted by A rather obscure Bassoon 4 years ago
comment removed.
Comment icon #8 Posted by HollyDolly 4 years ago
Will have to check it out.Oh yeah, I fell asleep so missed it.There are hauntings in and around San Antonio. Seguin Texas was on Ghost Adventures when they went to the Magnolia Hotel. A couple of other places there are supposed to be haunted, but the whole population isn't running screaming from the place. Heck plenty of new construction there. San Antonio same way.However, again it's not the whole city, just certain places . Besides, it's possible in a city which has always had a large hispanic population ever since it was founded 300 years ago, there could be brujas (witches) here. And you a... [More]
Comment icon #9 Posted by openozy 4 years ago
It wouldn't surprise me,a lot of these small towns thrive on malicious gossip,it's almost a culture.If they expect all the negativity and bullying will create a nice place to live they are idiots.Reap what you sow.
Comment icon #10 Posted by papageorge1 4 years ago
Man, that's a lot of negativity without a given reason. I suspect these stories are based on honest experiences.  I'm a Michigan guy and we are generally quite honest. No wonder the sheep are nervous in your territory! Here, the sheep can sleep like lambs without fear of being violated! You tell us: Location:The outback,where men are men and sheep are nervous
Comment icon #11 Posted by openozy 4 years ago
I've seen both sides, growing up in Sydney and living in the country,everyone is related in these small sh------s,with a limited gene pool and a narrow view on the world these places are true hell for the newcomer.All this hostility boiling in one place is sure to stir up negative energy.I wouldn't mention the exact location but it's Western NSW,if I did I would probably end up at the top of a wicker man LOL.
Comment icon #12 Posted by qxcontinuum 4 years ago
 It's called tourism. Next you will see a spike in Airbnb rentals and radiology shops in that area . 
Comment icon #13 Posted by TashaMarie 4 years ago
"Another family, who still lives in the town, has been tormented by unexplained cold spots, banging sounds, spontaneous scratch marks and sightings of a shadowy apparition". Come on most houses have areas that feel slightly cooler or are colder than other areas, my Kitchen and hallway are always colder than the rest of the house but that's due to the kitchen having no heat source other than the oven and the hallway, stairs and landing being heated by one radiator.   On the other hand my landing and daughters room have warm areas due to the pipes under the floor the cat used to love sleepin... [More]
Comment icon #14 Posted by Alchopwn 4 years ago
IMO, I blame the banks.  I think they are scooby-dooing people out of their properties so they can buy them cheaply, much like cattle mutilations that drive smaller pastoralist operations out of business then get bought up by agricorps.
Comment icon #15 Posted by Matt221 4 years ago
Its not difficult to find a solution if these residents find it a"living hell" just move
Comment icon #16 Posted by ChrLzs 4 years ago
C'mon folks, don't be cynical, wait until it airs.    I'm sure they won't exaggerate or fake anything or just tell anecdotes.  And it'll probably be picked up by the History channel, and you don't get any higher credibility than that.   Any sarcasm or resemblance to actual ghost shows is entirely coincidental.

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