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Ghosts & Hauntings

Man forced to isolate in a haunted ghost town

April 23, 2020 | Comment icon 7 comments

Cerro Gordo has something of a haunted reputation. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 QKC
If you think self-isolating at home is bad, spare a thought for Cerro Gordo owner (and resident) Brent Underwood.
Underwood, who purchased the entire 22-building former silver mining town in California back in 2018, had been staying there temporarily to enable his caretaker to go home and check on his wife.

Within days however, the region was hit with a spell of bad weather, burying Cerro Gordo in snow.

With the entire town abandoned and with the nearest grocery store over 26 miles away, he was effectively cut off from civilization with no way to get back home.

"I'm definitely socially isolating, at least," he told Sky News.

Worse still, the town itself has a notorious reputation for being haunted, having been previously featured on an episode of Ghost Adventures.
Legend has it that it is home to the ghosts of two youths who died after becoming trapped in a closet.

"Apart from the ghosts and maybe a few bobcats, I'm alone," said Underwood. "I've heard some strange sounds and I had a book fall off a shelf, for no apparent reason."

"Having said that, I've never really felt under threat from any spirits, so maybe we've found a way to coexist peacefully. I'm definitely open-minded about it all now."

With any luck his supplies will hold out until the snow clears and he can travel back to civilization.

"Being here this long wasn't something that I planned, but it's given me a great chance to learn more about the place," he said.

Source: Sky News | Comments (7)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Piney 2 years ago
I'd have a good time.
Comment icon #2 Posted by JVG 2 years ago
With a bit of luck maybe he could scare up a good poker game!!!
Comment icon #3 Posted by OverSword 2 years ago
Hope he brought his guitar.
Comment icon #4 Posted by TashaMarie 2 years ago
He could possibly have a spirit or two while he's at it.
Comment icon #5 Posted by jbondo 2 years ago
If he cam communicate to the outside world (and that seems to be the case), then he's not really "stuck". I'm sure they could get to him via helicopter or snowmobile if he needed assistance.
Comment icon #6 Posted by rashore 2 years ago
Gonna hazard a guess you haven't ever been snowed in under four feet of snow 20 odd miles away from the nearest town. That is indeed stuck. For at least a little while as snow melts and clears. 
Comment icon #7 Posted by mesuma 2 years ago
Best laxative in the world

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