Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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'Templar' crop circle shows up in French field

Posted on Thursday, 16 July, 2020 | Comment icon 57 comments

Who created this circle and why ? Image Credit: Gerard Benoit / Nicolas Benoit / Twitter
An intricate and impressive crop formation described as a 'Templar cross' has appeared in northern France.
While these days crop circles are generally believed to be the work of artists rather than alien visitors, the phenomenon still manages to generate quite a bit of interest whenever a new design shows up.

This latest example - which was discovered on July 5th in Vimy, near Lens, France - is no exception.

According to reports, it was first spotted by farmer Gerard Benoit while he was driving his tractor.
"I thought someone had damaged my wheat overnight, but then I realized it was forming a pattern," his son, Nicolas, told Euro Weekly News. "We've never seen a crop circle before."

"We saw a lot of people come to the field and we discovered that there were religious beliefs around it. People are crazy. They come to pray."

Unfortunately however, the family were forced to take steps to mitigate interest in the phenomenon when the sheer number of people arriving to see the crop circle threatened to swamp their farm.

"We are not a museum," said Nicolas. "The crop circles are beautiful, but for someone else."

Source: Times Now News | Comments (57)

Tags: Crop Circle

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #48 Posted by Imaginarynumber1 on 31 July, 2020, 6:08
Actual image of "advanced technology: used to make crop circles     Crop circles always have and always will be 100% man made. 
Comment icon #49 Posted by Imaginarynumber1 on 31 July, 2020, 6:10
Took me and two friends less than an hour to make 5 progressively smaller circles in a concentric pattern at 2 am with nothing more than some rope and boards ripped from pallets in fully grown corn.
Comment icon #50 Posted by Malaria_Kidd on 31 July, 2020, 6:35
Ok then. That answers the fact that 5 corn circles were no problem. Except for the Ohio farmer operating his corn picker at harvest time.  
Comment icon #51 Posted by stereologist on 1 August, 2020, 1:49
There  is no way ingenuity and tried and tested methods work. I call sham on this because math is always wrong as  is logic, reason and science. The only true thing is the paranormal and illogical thinking.
Comment icon #52 Posted by razman on 1 August, 2020, 1:59
Well you can see that large complex circles like the alien head and the templars ones can be made and aliens would probably not go from making fractals to there things , so this is proof that these can easily be made by man. So i guess the fractals and all the others can be too.
Comment icon #53 Posted by XenoFish on 1 August, 2020, 2:04
I think I know who's playbook you've stole this from.
Comment icon #54 Posted by stereologist on 1 August, 2020, 2:31
You got me, got me good. If I were as thick as some people I might suppose that my inability to carve Michelangelo's David means it was more likely to be of alien origin.
Comment icon #55 Posted by XenoFish on 1 August, 2020, 2:39
Bigfoot is the one who's creating crop circles.
Comment icon #56 Posted by Imaginarynumber1 on 1 August, 2020, 3:02
I don't understand what you're  trying to say. Crop circles were easy to make in the 80s and 90s and they're even easier to make now.
Comment icon #57 Posted by stereologist on 1 August, 2020, 3:17
Heresy to suggest people are capable of getting better at tasks.

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