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Modern Mysteries

UK's first crop circle of 2019 discovered

May 26, 2019 | Comment icon 10 comments

Who made this and what does it depict ? Image Credit: YouTube / The Hampshire Flyer
An intriguing pattern of circles has been filmed and photographed in a field near Warminster, Wiltshire.
While these days crop circles are generally believed to be the work of artists rather than alien visitors, the phenomenon still manages to generate quite a bit of interest whenever a new design shows up.

This latest example was discovered in a field at Norridge Wood near Cley Hill, Wiltshire.
Exhibiting a somewhat basic pattern, the crop circle consists of two concentric rings with a row of three smaller filled-in circles positioned along its center.

Crop circle enthusiasts believe that the design may depict an electrical generator or some sort of celestial alignment, however it remains unclear exactly what its creators actually had in mind.

A close-up drone flyby of the design can be viewed in the video below.

Source: Crop Circle Connector | Comments (10)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Robotic Jew 3 years ago
Eh. I've seen better. The hoaxers are getting lazy it seems.
Comment icon #2 Posted by Ozymandias 3 years ago
What's the point of all this? Why arepeople of the West Country doing this stuff? It's a joke. Dr Horace Drew said 'there is noindication at present ofany ... man-made actions in its formation.' Is he blind? It's obvious that in each part of the design the crop hasbeen flattened in a repeated concentric manner. The design hasNOT been impressed onto the field from above in one single action.
Comment icon #3 Posted by Astra. 3 years ago
It's very pretty. Humans are indeed trulyimaginative when it comes to art in a wide range of degree.
Comment icon #4 Posted by Buzz_Light_Year 3 years ago
If I caught someone doing that to one of my fields I'm sure I'd get "truly imaginative" on their arses.
Comment icon #5 Posted by Mr Guitar 3 years ago
I've seen a LOT better, but it seems they always show up when nobody's looking.....I wonder why that is.......hmmmm....oh, I bet the aliens are shy...that's it. Has anyone ever 'ratted' out their buddies about doing these things? You have to admit that some of them are very intricate and would have taken a good sized crew a fair length of time to construct them. I suppose GPS would be beneficial or a theodolite back in the day (I'm a retired land surveyor, so it would be a piece of cake to lay out).
Comment icon #6 Posted by Nnicolette 3 years ago
This one is a bit simplistic and imperfect... Not as impressive as they used to be. The tire tracks leading up to it leave little to the imagination.
Comment icon #7 Posted by Unfortunately 3 years ago
Honestly this one strikes me as more of an artistic endeavour as opposed to inciting the whole 'ET' side of things. There are clear indications that humans did this and they don't appear to have tried to hide that fact (given the obvious tracks), especially in comparison to some of the more eccentric hoax circles. Maybe someone was bored? Edit: ...Very bored.
Comment icon #8 Posted by Seti42 3 years ago
All crop circles are made by human artists. To believe anything else is willful ignorance.
Comment icon #9 Posted by Sir Smoke aLot 3 years ago
Some crop circles which were reported over the years are truly fantastic and beautiful. Relatively easy to make only that it takes a lot oftime. To make it look pretty and symmetricaldoes take skill indeed. This one ain't perfect, seems to be small but looks nice Ambient is so relaxing.
Comment icon #10 Posted by Leonhard Euler 3 years ago
Did you ever wonder why anadvanced civilization would try to communicate with us by squashing corn? I am not sure I want to meet them.

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