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Senator sparks criticism with ET religion Tweet

By T.K. Randall
July 25, 2020 · Comment icon 184 comments

Would aliens really subscribe to the same religious beliefs as we do ? Image Credit: CC BY-SA 2.0 Jim Trottier
Texas State Rep. Jonathan Stickland angered many by suggesting that aliens would need to be Christian.
Commenting on yesterday's New York Times story about the Pentagon possessing materials from "off-world vehicles", Stickland headed to Twitter and wrote:

"IF aliens are real, salvation through Jesus Christ is the only way they enter Heaven."

His Tweet was met with considerable criticism, with users decidedly unimpressed with the assumption that an advanced extraterrestrial race from across the cosmos would adhere to the same religious beliefs and values as a subset of the human population here on Earth.

The question of what sort of religious beliefs aliens might have has been around for years - certainly it is plausible that intelligent beings from other worlds might have their own religions and belief systems shaped by factors specific to their circumstances.
Some argue that an alien race capable of traveling the stars may have shunned all forms of religion entirely in favor of a philosophy based purely on science and perhaps even a higher understanding of the nature of the universe beyond that which we are currently able to perceive.

It is also worth pondering what might happen if we were to ever meet an alien race - would they try to impart their beliefs upon us ? Would religious leaders on Earth attempt to do the same to them ?

As things stand, we have no idea of the role religion might play on worlds beyond our own.

Source: Huffington Post | Comments (184)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #175 Posted by Desertrat56 2 years ago
What I have thought of is that aliens probably have no religion, but then I am jaded about religion so that may be wishful thinking IF I believed they were really here or would land any day.
Comment icon #176 Posted by XenoFish 2 years ago
The only way we can really solve any of our questions is to actually talk with the aliens themselves. For now we speculate.
Comment icon #177 Posted by docyabut2 2 years ago
Angels are the ones in our lives, there are no aliens; I have many angels in my life one girl ava  in my son`s life that died but lifted me  ") my son almost died from falling off a bridge 40 feet and landed on rail road tracks that survived  he is a walking miracle.  he sang that song to her before she died. She was a angel")    
Comment icon #178 Posted by Mr Walker 2 years ago
In biblical terms it was an actual war in heaven, which god won and satan /lucifer lost (2/3rds of the angels remained loyal to god. 1/3 sided with lucifer)   In the story the devil and the fallen angels retreated to /were banished to, earth, because humans had sided with satan.  Revelations describes the final battle, and its results, via prophecy. I see it as an allegorical explanation for the human condition.      
Comment icon #179 Posted by Mr Walker 2 years ago
Many science fiction writers, and even anthropologists who study the effect of christianity, combined with superior european technology on indigenous people during the colonisation period  ie Many indigenous people took up christianity because it was the religion of people who seemed to be very powerful. This even goes back to the first centuries of christianity, where many (less"civilised")  people adopted it, after it became associated with the power of the Roman empire .   A religion of  the powerful  is often seen as "better"  than a religion of the weaker 
Comment icon #180 Posted by Desertrat56 2 years ago
I think it was adopted because the choices were adopt the religion, hide from the invaders or die.
Comment icon #181 Posted by Mr Walker 2 years ago
Sometimes that might be true, but anthropology says that people tend to adopt the religious practices of invaders because they perceive the invader as more powerful,  and with more  material wealth and thus their religion a s more powerful/beneficial.In this view religions serve the needs of people, and people swap to religions they think will serve them better   This might not work with modern people and alien invaders   In most cases religion wasn't forced on people, and old religions coexisted with the new ones for a while  (I might be prejudiced in coming from  a non catholic part of the n... [More]
Comment icon #182 Posted by docyabut2 2 years ago
 Aliens ?  Some think Jesus came on a space ship,the coming of his star. Some think the 99% dna from the chimpanzees we are from, the 1% is from the alien. so if aliens came here on ships thousands and thousand's years ago and made us. They`d still be traveling  back and fourth to where they came from , so wouldn't SETI  see their ships coming back and fourth, not just see them flying around  
Comment icon #183 Posted by Desertrat56 2 years ago
I had to look this up.  So apparently chimp DNA is 98.8% the same as human DNA, which does not mean we evolved from Chimps or any other primate.  It also does not mean we are created from aliens manipulating primate DNA. "A study discovered that about 60 percent of genes are conserved between fruit flies and humans, meaning that the two organisms appear to share a core set of genes. Two-thirds of human genes known to be involved in cancer have counterparts in the fruit fly."
Comment icon #184 Posted by docyabut2 2 years ago
I just don't believe there are any aliens from another planet .

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