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'Highest temperature on Earth' recorded

By T.K. Randall
August 17, 2020 · Comment icon 14 comments

Death Valley is unbelievably hot right now. Image Credit: jplenio / Pixabay
The US National Weather Service has recorded what is likely to be the highest temperature since records began.
For those who have been baking in summer heatwave temperatures of up to 40C in recent weeks, spare a thought for the residents of the appropriately named Furnace Creek in Death Valley, USA.

There, the temperature hit an eye-watering 54.4C (or 130F) on Sunday - a reading that, if confirmed, will be the highest temperature ever recorded, not just in Death Valley, but anywhere on Earth.

The previous record of 54C (or 129.2F) was set in 2013, again in Death Valley.
There had been a reading of 56.6C around 100 years ago, however the validity of it has always been contested and it is generally believed that this was an erroneous measurement.

As you can imagine, such extreme heatwaves can prove particularly deadly, not only due to the hit on water supplies but also due to the health impact of extreme heat, such as heat stroke.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), heatwaves have proven more deadly, on average, than any other type of extreme weather event.

Suffice to say, if you happen to live there, stay indoors and keep yourself well hydrated.

Source: BBC News | Comments (14)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #5 Posted by thedutchiedutch 4 years ago
That's pretty hot. I think the hottest ever measured here in our own backyard was about 45 degrees celsius, July 2013 in the sun !
Comment icon #6 Posted by 'Walt' E. Kurtz 4 years ago
Where do you live when i was in Darwin we had 42 degrees during the day and only 35 during the night 80 90% humidity too.
Comment icon #7 Posted by joc 4 years ago
This story isn't even true... the highest temperature recorded in Death Valley was on July 10th 1913  and it was 57° C
Comment icon #8 Posted by thedutchiedutch 4 years ago
South Western Ontario.
Comment icon #9 Posted by susieice 4 years ago
It was recorded at 134 F again on Sunday.
Comment icon #10 Posted by Still Waters 4 years ago
That reading was disputed.    
Comment icon #11 Posted by joc 4 years ago
They don't really give any details about the dispute...but I guess to go down as a 'record' there has to be no disputes.  What the...chicken!?  A Firenado?  That's a first for me!     As temperatures soared in California, a large "firenado" was observed on Saturday in Lassen County.
Comment icon #12 Posted by Still Waters 4 years ago
It was a sandstorm according to this article:  
Comment icon #13 Posted by smokeycat 4 years ago
Temperatures in the Sun don't count. The 54.4°C Death Valley record temperature was recorded in the shade.  God knows what the temperature in the Sun was.     
Comment icon #14 Posted by thedutchiedutch 4 years ago
Ok, I hear you. Sun or shade. It was hot here that day for sure 

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