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Science & Technology

How much heat can a human endure ?

8-1-2021 | 6

With heatwaves seeing temperature records being broken on a regular basis, just how hot is too hot ?

Science & Technology

'Highest temperature on Earth' recorded

8-17-2020 | 14

The US National Weather Service has recorded what is likely to be the highest temperature since records began.

Science & Technology

Record-breaking hole opens up in the ozone layer

4-7-2020 | 41

Scientists have reported that a large hole has appeared above the Arctic due to unusually low temperatures.

Science & Technology

Mystery 'blob' of hot water found in the Pacific

1-6-2020 | 14

A vast swathe of water exhibiting an unexpectedly high temperature has left scientists scratching their heads.

Science & Technology

Fusion reactor reaches 100 million degrees C

 VIDEO  11-15-2018 | 18

An experimental nuclear fusion reactor in China has achieved a temperature six times hotter than the Sun.

Science & Technology

Scientists warn of dangers of 'Hothouse Earth'

8-7-2018 | 88

A runaway global warming effect may still occur even if countries do manage to slash CO2 emissions.

Metaphysics & Psychology

'Iceman' Wim Hof undergoes new brain scans

 VIDEO  3-2-2018 | 11

The 58-year-old's extreme resistance to freezing temperatures has seen him break multiple world records.

Space & Astronomy

Extended weightlessness causes 'space fever'

1-7-2018 | 1

Astronauts who spend a lot of time in space are at risk of experiencing a rise in core body temperature.

Space & Astronomy

Scientists find hottest known extrasolar world

6-5-2017 | 9

At twice the size of Jupiter, KELT-9b experiences temperatures in excess of 4300 degrees Celsius.

Science & Technology

Permian mass extinction 'could happen again'

3-25-2017 | 6

A catastrophic rise in temperature wiped out the vast majority of life on Earth 250 million years ago.

Science & Technology

Sea levels could rise by 30ft, study warns

1-20-2017 | 32

Scientists have warned that global sea levels could continue to rise over the coming decades.

Science & Technology

Global warming 'beyond point of no return'

12-2-2016 | 178

A groundbreaking new study suggests that scientists have underestimated the impact of climate change.


Man keeps vigil for Siberia's Labynkyr Devil

11-5-2016 | 9

Andrey Solovyev has braved freezing temperatures in his quest to locate Siberia's own Loch Ness Monster.

Science & Technology

July was hottest month in recorded history

8-16-2016 | 21

New data revealed by NASA has shown that global temperatures have been reaching record levels this year.

Science & Technology

This year's global warming is off the charts

7-27-2016 | 58

Climate scientists have expressed concern over the record-breaking temperatures seen so far this year.

Science & Technology

Super-heating lasers to aid fusion research

11-14-2015 | 8

Scientists have found a way to use lasers to heat materials to extreme temperatures almost instantly.

Science & Technology

Coldest place on Earth discovered

12-9-2013 | 18

Scientists have measured a record-breaking temperature of -91C on a mountain ridge in Antarctica.

Space & Astronomy

Nebula is 'coldest place in the universe'

10-29-2013 | 13

The Boomerang nebula is 5,000 light years away and has a temperature of -458 degrees Fahrenheit.

Science & Technology

'T-1000' self-healing polymer developed

 VIDEO  9-16-2013 | 6

Scientists have developed the world's first self-healing material that can work at room temperature.

Science & Technology

Climate change could lead to more wars

8-4-2013 | 64

A rise in global temperatures could have more than just an environmental effect on the world we live in.

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