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'Falmouth Shadow' runs out in front of vehicle

September 4, 2020 | Comment icon 44 comments

What could this be ? Image Credit: Facebook / 207 Paranormal
Footage has emerged showing an unidentifiable 'shadow creature' scurrying across the road in the dark.
The eerie clip was uploaded by Maine-based non-profit paranormal investigative group 'Paranormal 207' and was recorded by a Falmouth resident who had been checking their dashcam footage to look for deer crossing the road when they discovered something very strange.

The video, which was filmed a few days ago, shows a dark shadowy creature darting across the carriageway in front of the vehicle before disappearing into the darkness at the side of the road.

So could this be some sort of paranormal creature or is there a more conventional explanation ?
Unfortunately it's difficult to make out exactly what the animal actually is, especially given the low light conditions and the blur of its movement. It's quite possible that this is a dark-colored dog or some other mundane creature that just happened to dart out as the vehicle approached.

You can check out the video for yourself below.

Source: Facebook | Comments (44)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #35 Posted by TashaMarie 1 year ago
Honestly,  I have no idea what it is althouh at the end when the video is paused it does look like an animal of some kind.  I do find the story behind why they went back to look at the video footage a little suspect.  
Comment icon #36 Posted by qunaquna 1 year ago
To me it just looks like a dog or some similar wild animal (don't know what's native there) with a lot of motion blur due to crappy cam.
Comment icon #37 Posted by jmccr8 1 year ago
Shape shifting alien with stealth shadow tech.
Comment icon #38 Posted by Hammerclaw 1 year ago
A dark colored Maine Coon Cat.
Comment icon #39 Posted by MstrMsn 1 year ago
Watching the short clip, and hearing the song made me think of the show Supernatural.
Comment icon #40 Posted by openozy 1 year ago
Obviously a bug on the windscreen.
Comment icon #41 Posted by BriannaFox 1 year ago
In the UK they have a black dog legend. Shadow being, dog shaped
Comment icon #42 Posted by rashore 1 year ago
Black Shuck, and other ghost legends got dogs. Black dogs show up in the folklore of the wee folks too, and some of the ghost legends probably derive from that lore. 
Comment icon #43 Posted by ChrLzs 1 year ago
All I will add is that for chrissake, buy a 1080p FULL HD (not just HD) dashcam, folks, and make sure it is recording at highest quality.  Also, it should display at least date/time - why the heck would you turn that off? That really is a dreadful quality video, and given the above (low-res makes faking dead easy) it smells bad....
Comment icon #44 Posted by kidagakash 1 year ago
Dog or cat. How this became a popular story saddens my hope for common sense in my fellow humans. Crap like this is why most people don't take shadows ghosts or entities seriously. smh

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