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'10ft shadow alien' rumors fuel speculation over riot at mall in Miami

By T.K. Randall
January 6, 2024 · Comment icon 30 comments
Police attending a riot in Miami.
There was a huge police presence at the mall. Image Credit: Twitter / @Im_Misko
An extensive police presence at Bayside Marketplace on Monday fueled speculation about a sinister alien incursion.
When dozens of police cars pulled up with their lights and sirens blaring outside Bayside Marketplace in downtown Miami on Monday evening, speculation over what could possibly be happening to warrant such an enormous police presence was rife.

It wasn't long before rumors began to spread on social media suggesting that the cops had been called to the mall to deal with "8-10ft tall shadow aliens" that had supposedly infiltrated the building.

So great was the belief in these rumors that some people started to insist that they had actually seen a mysterious "creature" standing in plain sight in front of the mall, with some video clips posted on Twitter allegedly showing it walking around outside the building (see news video below).

"I don't know if the rumors about the aliens at the Miami Mall are real but I do know I never seen this many police in one place," one user commented.
Eventually, though, reports began to emerge suggesting that the police had not been attending the scene of an alien incursion but had in fact been called in to break up a large altercation between as many as 50 teens who had seemingly gotten into a fight in the building.

"There were no aliens, UFOs or ETs," officer Michael Vega later confirmed.

"No airports were closed no power outages."

What's interesting here is how the incident managed to spark such widespread speculation concerning alien visitors even when the actual event had nothing to do with aliens whatsoever.

The term "aliens in Miami" even made it into the top 10 trending searches on Twitter and stories about the alleged aliens were published by multiple major US news outlets.

Source: CBS News | Comments (30)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #21 Posted by HollyDolly 5 months ago
 IF and that's a BIG IF, it was aliens, that might account for all the cop cars. If it was just kids, why would you need so many? Only reason you would neeed so many is because there were over 50 kids, and with all the school and other mass shootings guess they didn't want to take a chance. But still seems like a lot of police though. If it was aliens, surprised the military didn't roll in.
Comment icon #22 Posted by esoteric_toad 5 months ago
The large police presence was due to the fact that a mob at a shopping center can grow rapidly and therefore an overwhelming force was sent. That and the police get bored with the same old crap so this sort of thing happens (living in Florida myself I see it happen even with traffic citations, 5 or 6 cars for a traffic ticket or 2 or 3 cars for a simple case of shoplifting). With all the tech in peoples pockets unless multiple shots of this supposed alien show up it is just another case of social media brainless hype.
Comment icon #23 Posted by Nosy.Matters 5 months ago
"  . . surprised the military didn't roll in.  "  Yup we've all seen Japan Movies and when the Military moves in then it gets real.
Comment icon #24 Posted by esoteric_toad 5 months ago
Another thing. Why for the love of all that is good in the universe would 'sHaDoW aLiEnz' go to a mall in Miami? Really????
Comment icon #25 Posted by TomBarnes 5 months ago
Holograms can be easily projected onto a building now. That has been true for a number of years now. As any Bobby would say "Move along! Move along!  Nothing to see here!"
Comment icon #26 Posted by Buzz_Light_Year 5 months ago
This is the second video of a eye witness account that I've viewed and about the only thing I can ascertain from the two video's is that they seen something and they're not sure what they had seen. He didn't get a video of the object but the police were interested in wanting to know if he had video taped it. https://vidmaxviral.com/video/222057-the-aliens-at-the-miami-mall-story-keeps-getting-stranger-and-stranger
Comment icon #27 Posted by Funkadelic 5 months ago
This all went quiet very quickly ?
Comment icon #28 Posted by Hazzard 5 months ago
This is a pretty good example of how people are and how our minds work... this is how a (none event) can snowball into a almost anything. Stories and eyewitness testimony about ET doesnt mean sh/t. 
Comment icon #29 Posted by F3SS 5 months ago
The number of cop cars baffled me for a bit too but there were fireworks going off. Gunshots and bombs is what the police really had to respond to. Those cops created their own traffic jam. And the reported shadows? Could've been due to firework smoke. If it was backlit and thick enough the front could be real dark. But no videos so.. The craziest part to me was seeing rumors of aliens only 20mins after the story broke. Seen someone say it in the comments, brushed it off but more comment about it just kept coming and several of the same deions. So I googled the story and all articles were bran... [More]
Comment icon #30 Posted by ReadTheGreatControversyEGW 4 months ago
this is why there were no videos [sorry they cuss].. cellphones went out/turned off. 

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