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'Monkey Man' caught on camera in Singapore

December 21, 2020 | Comment icon 28 comments

What is this creature ? Image Credit: Facebook / The NightRaiders
A photograph of an alleged Bigfoot-like creature that was spotted in a forest has been doing the rounds online.
Bigfoot legends can be found all across the world and Singapore, which is said to be home to the elusive Bukit Timah Monkey Man (or BTMN for short), is no exception.

Believed to wander the forested Bukit Timah region, this tall, bipedal hominid has been sighted several times over the last few years and now it has even been captured on camera.

The image, which shows the dark outline of a gorilla-like creature, was taken by Alfie of the NightRaiders - a group that explores locations around Singapore under cover of darkness.

"This year, one of our equipment specialist, Alfie, followed [a rival] group for a mission and also to test his paranormal equipment in this particular jungle," a Facebook post about the incident reads.
"During that particular night, they witness BTMM and our specialist manage to capture in a split seconds. He said BTMM this time is really huge."

"BTMM is a another type of mystery creature called Bigfoot. Some people says it's a folklore, some say it's a djinn( evil spirit )."

But is this really evidence of an unknown creature or is there a more conventional explanation ?

You can view the picture in more detail below.

Source: Facebook | Comments (28)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #19 Posted by Trelane 1 year ago
It's almost New Year's. That's Florida Man's Super Bowl.
Comment icon #20 Posted by InconceivableThoughts 1 year ago
I dont think that's how you spell Gorillas I tink they'res too r's.†I'm almost sure of it.
Comment icon #21 Posted by InconceivableThoughts 1 year ago
So that's why I've never been able to capture one on camera....damn...sigh... all these wasted years.
Comment icon #22 Posted by Robotic Jew 1 year ago
I think we may have found Don Lewis!
Comment icon #23 Posted by HollyDolly 1 year ago
Could be a zoo escapee if the area is close to the zoo. Big foot is different .Why, because for hundreds of years Native Americans have talked about creatures like BigFoot, Wendigos, Skinwalkers etc. Never have heard of this guy.
Comment icon #24 Posted by LISTENintheDARK 1 year ago
LOL. Better yet, Jim Thompson.† A little closer.
Comment icon #25 Posted by Hammerclaw 1 year ago
Isn't it amazing how no one can take a clear, crisp shot of a two meter tall, half ton behemoth?
Comment icon #26 Posted by Torviking 1 year ago
Must be around breakfast time. Iíve always been told if you make toast in the jungle to shove it under the griller.
Comment icon #27 Posted by Guyver 1 year ago
If thatís a real monkey man, I bet he can climb the eff out of a tree!
Comment icon #28 Posted by Robotic Jew 1 year ago
Did anyone else wonder why the favorite tv show of the photographer mattered?

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