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Mystery footprints appear on frost-covered car

January 5, 2021 | Comment icon 11 comments

Who or what was responsible for leaving these prints ? Image Credit: Twitter / Alicia Smith
Alicia Smith from Grimsby, England was left scratching her head when she found her car covered in footprints.
The phenomenon was first discovered at around 10:30am on December 31st after a period of particularly cold weather had left her car coated in a thin layer of ice.

The vaguely human-like prints, which went from the front of the car, all the way up the windscreen and across the roof, were not only peculiarly shaped, but also seemed to have only four toes.

"We'd never seen anything like this before, it was very odd," she said.

"They're a strange shape and only have four toes, and don't quite look human. I'm not sure if it was a child. And why would someone be barefoot in this weather ?"

"The car was parked outside our house all night so whatever did it must have been just outside."

"We didn't hear or see anything."

As things stand, no definitive explanation for the strange footprints has been found.

Source: Lad Bible | Comments (11)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #2 Posted by jethrofloyd 2 years ago
Maybe from black fox?
Comment icon #3 Posted by the13bats 2 years ago
We have a winner! I have no idea if someone pranked smith or she needed some attention but yeah, 100% hoax, except for that one cat, his name sounds like a mediocre pizza joint he will say likely an unknown creature.
Comment icon #4 Posted by moonman 2 years ago
That's 100% what it is. That's why they all have a melted patch around them, whoever did it held their hand there long enough to melt through the frost. You can also tell they really had to reach to get the one on the roof, it has scuff marks leading up to it. It's sad when such a simple prank is considered news.
Comment icon #5 Posted by papageorge1 2 years ago
New cryptid: Littlefoot
Comment icon #6 Posted by onlookerofmayhem 2 years ago
"They're a strange shape and only have four toes, and don't quite look human. I'm not sure if it was a child. "And why would someone be barefoot in this weather?" What an absolute moron.
Comment icon #7 Posted by esoteric_toad 2 years ago
Just silly. Reminds me of this: ?Ray: Symmetrical book stacking. Just like the Philadelphia mass turbulence of 1947. Peter: You're right, no human being would stack books like this.?
Comment icon #8 Posted by ercbreeze 2 years ago
We always made these with our hands when we were young!
Comment icon #9 Posted by Alpha_Q 2 years ago
Don't know how to embed video, sorry.
Comment icon #10 Posted by qxcontinuum 2 years ago
This is too funny! I used to prank my friend every day making child footsteps with a dollar store step stone in the shape of a foot , and put drops of Fanta, pretending kids are peeing on his car
Comment icon #11 Posted by DieChecker 2 years ago
Funny how they made three left footprints and only the one right foot. Maybe it was a skipping house goblin? Dobby out looking for a sock.

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