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Could Tanzania footprints really be those of a new species of human ?

12-1-2021 | 3

Scientists take a closer look at a set of 3.6 million-year-old footprints discovered in Northern Tanzania.


Human-like footprints could be over 6 million years old

10-22-2021 | 3

Tracks left by an ancient human ancestor in what is now Crete could be much older than previously believed.


Oldest human footprints in North America found

9-26-2021 | 17

Archaeologists have identified what are now thought to be the oldest footprints ever found on the continent.

Science & Technology

Could AI be the future of crime solving ?

8-25-2021 | 4

Artificial intelligence can now help experts analyze footprints - and it has the potential to go much further.


'Beast of Leeds' prints found in remote woods

1-14-2021 | 7

Two hunters have been seeking answers after finding unusual footprints in the remote English countryside.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery footprints appear on frost-covered car

1-5-2021 | 11

Alicia Smith from Grimsby, England was left scratching her head when she found her car covered in footprints.


Dinosaur 'stomping ground' on Scottish isle

3-14-2020 | 1

Scientists have discovered dozens of fossilized footprints on the picturesque Isle of Skye in Scotland.


Who was responsible for the 'Devil's trail' ?

1-29-2020 | 10

Researchers have shed new light on a trail of fossil footprints found along the side of an extinct volcano.


North Carolina man discovers 'Bigfoot' tracks

 VIDEO  10-11-2019 | 144

Electrician Joe Scarborough maintains that footprints found near his home are neither human nor animal.


Indian army reports 'Yeti' footprints discovery

4-30-2019 | 23

An Indian military mountaineering expedition team photographed the mystery footprints in the Himalayas.


Man discovers 'Bigfoot tracks' in Washington

 VIDEO  3-9-2019 | 99

A Medical Lake man believes that he has photographed a set of footprints left by the legendary Sasquatch.


World's oldest animal footprints discovered

 VIDEO  6-7-2018 | 4

Scientists have found the fossil footprints of a creature that walked the Earth 541 million years ago.


Dinosaur tracks 'thrown into lake' in Utah

5-14-2018 | 9

Visitors to a US state park in Utah have been inadvertently destroying fossil dinosaur footprints.


Fossil footprints hint at giant sloth chase

4-26-2018 | 13

New evidence has been discovered to suggest that our ancestors hunted down giant prehistoric sloths.


Australia's own 'Jurassic Park' discovered

 VIDEO  3-27-2017 | 10

Scientists have identified a site containing thousands of footprints from 21 different dinosaur species.


Man tracks 'Bigfoot' for over seven miles

1-15-2017 | 202

Experienced tracker Christopher Bauer followed a set of large footprints for miles across North Dakota.


Prehistoric footprints unearthed in Tanzania

12-14-2016 | 7

Several sets of footprints left by an ancient human ancestor have been found at the site of a new museum.


Trekker takes photograph of 'Yeti footprints'

2-1-2016 | 56

Steve Berry encountered a mysterious set of single-file tracks on a steep mountain slope in Bhutan.


'Dinosaur disco' found on the Isle of Skye

12-2-2015 | 9

Hundreds of dinosaur footprints have been found preserved in rocks along the coast of a Scottish island.


5,000-year-old human footprints discovered

11-15-2014 | 9

Two sets of human footprints dating back to the Stone Age have been found on the island of Lolland.

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