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The UFO Phenomenon

The bizarre 'UFO patents' of Dr Salvatore Pais

By T.K. Randall
January 27, 2021 · Comment icon 13 comments

Dr Pais' patents are certainly unusual. Image Credit: US Navy
Over the years, the US Navy has invested large sums into the development of several 'out there' technologies.
Declassified documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act have revealed that government agencies have been funding some very unique concepts, as evidenced by the plethora of documents released over the years detailing experiments carried out by the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD).

These so-called 'UFO patents', as they have become known, are based on the work of aerospace engineer Dr. Salvatore Cezar Pais - a controversial figure with some very peculiar ideas.

One of these patents, which we covered back in 2019, was for a "hybrid aerospace-underwater craft" capable of unparalleled manoeuvrability both in the water and out of it.

There are also patents for a "high frequency gravitational wave generator", an "electromagnetic 'force field' generator", a "craft using an inertial mass reduction device" and even some form of compact nuclear fusion reactor - which would be a potentially revolutionary new energy source.
The most recently released documents, meanwhile, make reference to a "Spacetime Modification Weapon (SMW - a weapon that can make the Hydrogen bomb seem more like a firecracker)."

The basis for these technologies is something called "The High Energy Electromagnetic Field Generator (HEEMFG)" which works through what is known as the Pais Effect - a theoretical physics concept which works through the "controlled motion of electrically charged matter (from solid to plasma) via accelerated spin and/or accelerated vibration under rapid (yet smooth) acceleration-deceleration-acceleration transients."

While it is unclear whether or not any of these concepts were ever brought to fruition, it seems that the US Navy was interested enough to invest significant sums of money into investigating them.

Whether Dr Pais' work really is based on UFOs, however, remains open to debate.

Source: The Drive | Comments (13)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #4 Posted by ChrLzs 2 years ago
Really?† How much exactly? - the Navy, just like other defence forces, has to present a balance sheet every year... A patent being assigned to the Navy means absolutely nothing - anyone can assign/donate their patent to whoever they want.† Pais has worked for the Navy, but his patents, strangely, have never amounted to anything. He has been covered before, try here: and from his Wiki: Go figure.....
Comment icon #5 Posted by ChrLzs 1 year ago
An update, after I was researching something similar.... No, it's not real, and hundreds of thousands of taxpayer's dollars were wasted. From here: Gee, now there's a sad surprise...† I must be psychic...........
Comment icon #6 Posted by Nnicolette 1 year ago
Black budget? Do you actually think that all the money spent on
Comment icon #7 Posted by Nnicolette 1 year ago
Why did half my post disappear? Again... Black budget? Do you actually think that all the money spent on
Comment icon #8 Posted by Nnicolette 1 year ago
†is there a reason I keep getting cut off after i say "secret projects" ? † Black budget? Do you actually think that all the money spent on "sp's" is shared with the public or something? So what do you think about the amount of money the government used to train remote viewers and crap like that? In fact i remember the 90s when the transparency vanished. One day it was on the news, the army showcasing thier revolutionary invisibility cloaking, the next it didnt exist and the news stopped showcasing military technologies. Now i look it up and here is the same thing... [More]
Comment icon #9 Posted by Dejarma 1 year ago
the NSA waisted 20 thousand on me 35 years ago.. i didn't pass the first exam. in fact i didn't even get to the exam room- i got lost†
Comment icon #10 Posted by ChrLzs 1 year ago
From what I can see above, I suspect you've simply encountered a bug in the editor...† If a moderator removes a post, there will be no trace visible to us (but Saru can still see the logs..), and if they edit it, you'll see a note to that effect.† You're not being censored. No, of course there are secrets (where possible..) but: 1. Claiming that the lack of something proves that there is something, is a bit silly. 2. Given the amount of public, private and commercial surveillance that now goes on, with cameras *everywhere*, don't you think that things like an invisibility cloaking device would... [More]
Comment icon #11 Posted by Nnicolette 1 year ago
Claiming that lack of something proves there is something? Are we even talking about the same thing? Are you purporting that the huge amount of money funneling to secret projects mean... There are none? What? And no **** the cloak was exposed it was on the news in the†90s. What are you getting at... That the military was lying and filmed an elaborate hoax (i mean they actually showed it in use, just looked like heat waves)† to be honest i am not sure i should even have responded to that baseless heap of nonsense. Why on earth would you think i find it hard to believe that the gov "wastes money... [More]
Comment icon #12 Posted by ChrLzs 1 year ago
Just one thing that I shall grace with a reply.† When I explained the major flaw with invisibility cloaks (the one that makes them virtually useless) I politely even gave you a hint - PARALLAX.† That demonstration was from a single viewpoint.† One single observer location.... Now, may I suggest that before you accuse others of baseless nonsense, that you THINK about that.† Imagine two observers at different locations, such that†their viewing angles are different. {insert 5 minutes think music here} Still not getting it?† OK, next, google 'parallax' and learn what it means and see if you can ap... [More]
Comment icon #13 Posted by Mr Walker 1 year ago
Fair comments, but of course new technologies require testing and development, Many never work to a practical level,†but a few are spectacularly†††successful† Ie yes a lot of money is spent on research and development, but just because a project doesn't succeed doesn't mean the money was wasted. † If we took that attitude no "unusual"† †research and development† would ever be funded. Darpa is a good one for researching and testing new technologies and it has had some real successes.† [More]

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