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Missing persons 'eaten by Yowie', hunter claims

By T.K. Randall
September 12, 2021 · Comment icon 53 comments

Is there a population of unknown hominids in Australia ? Image Credit: Steve Baxter / Pexels
One Australian man is absolutely convinced that the Yowie - Australia's answer to Bigfoot - is the real deal.
Although encounters with large bipedal hominids are mostly associated with North America and the Himalayas, stories of such creatures have been reported for hundreds of years in countries all over the world including Russia, China and even Australia where it is known locally as the Yowie.

For years, Yowie-hunter Jason Heal has been scouring the wilderness around Perth in search of evidence that could prove once and for all that this elusive hominid actually exists.

Co-founder of the Yowie Research Group, he and his colleagues have amassed a large collection of sighting reports, photographs and audio recordings captured in the country's huge national parks.

He also claims to have witnessed Yowies with his own eyes.

"I recently saw Yowies running at superhuman speeds north of Bullsbrook," he said.

"I believe there is a population of Yowies all around the outer suburbs, including Mundaring, Serpentine Dam and Lake Gnangara."

"I think they go to pockets of bush near people and use bush corridors but because they are moving in early hours of morning and are incredibly quick people never see them."

When it comes to concrete physical evidence, however, Heal maintains that these elusive hominids are intelligent enough to conceal anything that might give away their existence.

He even believes that some of those who encounter them end up becoming their lunch.

"There are a lot of people who go missing in the bush and the cases remain unsolved and it is usually put down to a homicide," he said. "But I think some of these are the work of Yowies."

Source: Perth Now | Comments (53)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #44 Posted by psyche101 3 years ago
Comment icon #45 Posted by MissJatti 3 years ago
Mr Bigfoot ''Whats for lunch Mrs Bigfoot''
Comment icon #46 Posted by HollyDolly 3 years ago
I don't know about that in regards to Yowies eating people. The thing to do is ask native peoples like the Aboriginies about them. I know the native americans have long told stories of such creatures, and in the Himilayas too. I might believe the story more if it came from Aboriginie people as witnesses.They were there long before the british whites and other europeans came there.
Comment icon #47 Posted by Harte 3 years ago
Yeah, they had no imagination. Take the Ant People for example. Perfectly normal ant people. Harte
Comment icon #48 Posted by Harte 3 years ago
Also, I think we're all aware that both spiders and coyotes can talk. Harte
Comment icon #49 Posted by South Alabam 3 years ago
I suppose he has as much proof about both.
Comment icon #50 Posted by Resume 3 years ago
I agree!  And they should be able to tell us where the footies be, where we can reliably observe them, or maybe show us some bones, skulls, footie furs, etc. No?
Comment icon #51 Posted by Resume 3 years ago
Comment icon #52 Posted by Mr Walker 3 years ago
Lightly barbequed with onions and tomato sauce (ketchup, for you yanks)  Haven't you ever heard of the Great Aussie barbeque ?
Comment icon #53 Posted by Horta 3 years ago
Well, thats one. It seems that most of the other 24,999,999 of them aren't quite as convinced. lol "Look dear, our little Johnny is the only soldier in the entire army marching in step!"

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