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Science & Technology

New $15M firm aims to de-extinct the mammoth

September 13, 2021 | Comment icon 29 comments

Is this really viable within six years ? Image Credit: CC BY 2.5 Public Library of Science
A UFO hunter has teamed up with a Harvard geneticist in a renewed effort to bring mammoths back to life.
The new firm, which has been named Colossal, describes itself as a "breakthrough bioscience and genetic engineering company" which aims to "restore Earth to a healthier state, while also solving for the future economies and biological necessities of the human condition through cutting-edge science and technologies."

Founded by entrepreneur and UFO hunter Ben Lamm alongside de-extinction expert and geneticist George Church, the company will sponsor research at Church's Harvard Medical School lab with the goal of effectively bringing the extinct woolly mammoth back to life.

According to Lamm, the project will continue efforts made by other researchers such as David Rice - who previously sequenced the genomes of 23 Asian elephants - and Colossal's own lead biological scientist Eriona Hysolli - who extracted and analyzed the DNA of a mammoth found in Siberia.
"They've pretty much managed to complete the assembly of the 60 plus genes that would essentially make an elephant genome functionally that of a woolly mammoth," he said.

Lamm expects the company to produce its first elephant-mammoth hybrid calves within 6 years.

The end goal will be to reintroduce entire herds of the animals into the wild.

Given that nobody has ever managed to achieve anything remotely like this before, however, the scientists behind the endeavour will likely be in for a challenging time.

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #20 Posted by Poncho_Peanatus 8 months ago
This statement is not well thought. You can say this about anything...really. 
Comment icon #21 Posted by Poncho_Peanatus 8 months ago
really you want to eat them? why not just eat a elephant or a whale...lots of meat there, better go vegan so we have a new excuse to cut the amazon forest down....lots of green there.
Comment icon #22 Posted by Poncho_Peanatus 8 months ago
Well the presence of these giant pachyderms may help in keeping the temperature down....
Comment icon #23 Posted by psyche101 8 months ago
Think of all that extra meat.  
Comment icon #24 Posted by Noawareness 8 months ago
Good one.
Comment icon #25 Posted by third_eye 8 months ago
Nahhhh... Just old school  ~
Comment icon #26 Posted by mesuma 8 months ago
How exactly?  Will we set them free in the major capitals of the world to eat the rich, destroy the offices of the greedy, careless multi-nationals and then let Greta Thunberg herself crash the next COP26 meeting, here in my fair city, riding one of these magnificent beasts so their mighty trunks can end the tyranny of these crooked politicians once and for all? 
Comment icon #27 Posted by psyche101 8 months ago
Yes that's the plan. It's all in the link. 
Comment icon #28 Posted by mesuma 8 months ago
Comment icon #29 Posted by Wepwawet 8 months ago
Breaking news, luxury car dealerships near to offices of genetics company report increase in sales. On other, but similar news, Emperor Penguins are to be introduced to the Carribean in order to combat global warming. The rationale is that as these penguins live in a very cold environment, then wherever they live will become cold. To make this happen a penguin relocation company has been created, and are asking that if everybody gives just 3 simoleons, or whatever, a month, then they can save the planet. Their plan is endorsed by owners of luxury car dealerships.

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