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Reliable way to induce lucid dreams discovered

By T.K. Randall
September 27, 2021 · Comment icon 16 comments

Can lucid dreams be induced on demand ? Image Credit: Pixabay / LeandroDeCarvalho
Researchers have found that a common Alzheimer's drug can help to induce lucid dreaming more reliably.
Ever had a dream in which you actually become aware that you are dreaming and can directly influence the events you are experiencing ? This is known as lucid dreaming.

For years, scientists have attempted to study what goes on in the brain during such experiences, however reliably inducing lucid dreaming on demand has proven particularly challenging.

To find a solution to this, researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Lucidity Institute in Hawaii decided to investigate the role of acetylcholinesterase inhibitors (AChEls) in inducing lucid dreaming experiences.

A total of 121 volunteers (most of them veteran lucid dreamers) were recruited to take part in a study involving the use of galantamine - a common Alzheimer's drug and fast-acting AChEI.
Over three consecutive nights, the participants took increasingly large doses before spending time practicing their lucid dream induction techniques.

The findings indicated that stronger doses of the drug were more effective at inducing lucid dreams.

"This combined protocol resulted in a total of 69 out of 121 participants (57 percent) successfully having a lucid dream on at least one out of two nights on an active dose of galantamine," the researchers wrote.

"This protocol is one of the most effective methods for inducing lucid dreams known to-date, and holds promise for making lucid dreaming available to a wider population."

Source: Science Alert | Comments (16)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #7 Posted by pallidin 3 years ago
I was recently temporarily on a well-known heart medication for AFIB/PAC's, but over the 2 weeks I was on it before it was pulled from me on an emergency basis of severe side-effects I was, among other very bad things, experiencing really bad and shocking nightmares. No drugs for me, thank you. P.S. the heart drug was Diltiazem 240mg, otherwise known as Cardizem (and other names)
Comment icon #8 Posted by godnodog 3 years ago
Nothing negative. But when its recurring its takes a toll, I used to feel mentally tired most of the time. Nowadays I no longer have them on a regular basis and I prefer it that way. For those interested one way I can cause licod dreams (not always of course) is to put on tv stuff like ancient aliens and, it oftens helps me realize I am dreaming and control my dreams. One great thing about lucid dreaming is the feeling of colour and the amount.of details you can see. You can see details in 8k.  Once I dreamt I was in. Rock concert and I remember thinking "man too bad I will neve... [More]
Comment icon #9 Posted by pallidin 3 years ago
Say, do you have any tips on going into a non-drug lucid state to have a degree of control over dream content?
Comment icon #10 Posted by godnodog 3 years ago
No, I don't. I usually let it flow but control my actions. If i try to control too much I'll wake up
Comment icon #11 Posted by razman 3 years ago
I have not had many , but i remember one i had where i was in a cemetary or something of the sort and there were these statues , like angels and other figures and they were like moss covered rusted iron and the detail was incredible , was a long time ago but i remember it. If they ever develop this inducing lucid dreams , i imagine they will monetize it right away.
Comment icon #12 Posted by Bed of chaos 3 years ago
I'd start by keeping a dream journal (which improves dream recall). After a couple days (though results vary) you should be able to recall (write down) numerous dreams per night. Then look into lucid dreaming induction techniques (there's many).
Comment icon #13 Posted by pallidin 3 years ago
You have good tips there!
Comment icon #14 Posted by Bed of chaos 3 years ago
It sounds simplistic but works. Its possible you already had lucid dreams but forgot them (as we forget most of our dreams). Good luck.
Comment icon #15 Posted by pallidin 3 years ago
Thank you, chaos.
Comment icon #16 Posted by Mr Walker 3 years ago
I guess there is always a potential to create false memories  A lucid dreamer since first memory, ( Ie I am always fully conscious/aware that i am dreaming in any dream ) and able to control and direct my dreams by conscious thought while dreaming, I Have always used reality checking and contextual checking  to verify memories  Eg I've never left Australia so any memory from  overseas is a dream Im not quite sure what your concern is for false memories  unless its something like a memory of childhood abuse which only ever occurred in your childhood dreams  I have many memories and part ... [More]

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