Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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Man ends up in hospital with WW2 anti-tank shell stuck in his rectum

December 4, 2021 | Comment icon 25 comments

Could this be a contender for world's most embarrassing accident ? Image Credit: PD - Ministry of Information
The World War II enthusiast required medical assistance for an extremely unfortunate problem indeed.
Accidents can and do happen, that much at least is fair enough; but it's not every day that you hear about bomb disposal experts being called out to deal with a man with a shell stuck in his rectum.

The bizarre series of events began when the anonymous individual was taken to Gloucestershire Royal Hospital in England after failing to extract the bomb on his own.

According to reports, the man owned the World War II-era shell and had "fallen on it".
"The guy said he found the shell when he was having a clear out of his stuff," an unnamed source told The Sun. "He said he put it on the floor then he slipped and fell on it - and it went up his..."

Concerned about the potential for the unexploded ordnance to go off, hospital staff had to ask the bomb squad to attend the scene and make sure that the shell didn't pose a threat.

Fortunately it turned out that it was not dangerous and medics were able to remove it successfully.

The patient is expected to make a full recovery, however his reputation probably won't.

Source: MSN.com | Comments (25)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #16 Posted by Cookie Monster 1 month ago
Maybe all is not as it seems. The guy might have had a falling out with his German neighbour over Brexit lol.
Comment icon #17 Posted by taniwha 1 month ago
Haha and no evidence of a behind left
Comment icon #18 Posted by taniwha 1 month ago
I've heard of 'stink' bombs before but...really?  lol. He the sort of guy who would feel right at home slipping over in a minefield
Comment icon #19 Posted by pallidin 1 month ago
Come-on, we all secretly suspect he was butt naked during this "accident", as I think Oversword alluded to. I know people can get weird under substance abuse influence coupled with a sudden overdrive of hormones. Oh wait, how do I know that? 
Comment icon #20 Posted by The Silver Shroud 1 month ago
He thought it was a depleted uranium shell. He had atomic piles and wanted a nuclear ****.
Comment icon #21 Posted by Stiff 1 month ago
You're the guy with the bomb up his rectum?  
Comment icon #22 Posted by pallidin 1 month ago
Hahaha! NO.  
Comment icon #23 Posted by taniwha 1 month ago
Comment icon #24 Posted by taniwha 1 month ago
Aha! So you're the guy that's been asking about pallidins rectum...
Comment icon #25 Posted by qxcontinuum 1 month ago
Let me guess he is gay...

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