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Photographer captures 'image of Jesus' in a wave

By T.K. Randall
December 12, 2021 · Comment icon 26 comments

An artist's impression of Jesus walking on water (photo can be viewed below). Image Credit: Julius von Klever
Religious imagery can show up in the unlikeliest of places - as evidenced by one recently captured photograph.
The image, which resembles the outline of Jesus, was captured on camera by photographer Tracey Bosworth during a visit to Babbacombe, England on December 7th.

"I have a relationship with the sea," she said. "I spend most of my time on the coast. It's where I am happiest. I love watching the waves and I love taking photographs."

"Combining the two is my idea of heaven."

"I noticed due to high tide and effects of Storm Barra, the waves were splashing against the steps that lay horizontally to the beach, almost along its full length. The waves were quite big at times."
"I took lots of photos but it wasn't until I was going through them to find one or two to put on social media that I came across this image with God in it. I was so excited. I feel really blessed!"

Whether or not you assign spiritual significance to the photograph will depend upon your own religious beliefs, however it is certainly possible to see the resemblance.

In all likelihood, however, this is a prime example of pareidolia - the tendency for the human brain to perceive meaningful shapes in otherwise abstract patterns.

A larger version of the image can be viewed here.

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #17 Posted by Helen of Annoy 2 years ago
Well, to be honest, I'd be an atheist too if there was light in which it would be clear there is no higher power (usually called God).  I've got some faith that simply is in my head, but I'd consider it a psychological phenomenon, a need to believe. It wouldn't be enough for me, I guess.  But the Universe is not chaotic. Nothing would ever come into existence if there was only chaos. There has to be more. That's where I see that, what people call God. Of course, it's never my intention to suggest my opinion is in any way significant for anyone else. It's just my opinion. I often roll my eye... [More]
Comment icon #18 Posted by godnodog 2 years ago
All i say is that when this is new of the day, then it is a good Day  
Comment icon #19 Posted by mesuma 2 years ago
He's a bit early. His birthday ain't for two weeks.
Comment icon #20 Posted by Freez1 2 years ago
Well I guess if he can be found in toast why not ocean spray I guess.
Comment icon #21 Posted by Seti42 2 years ago
That isn't even GOOD pareidolia. And besides, Jeebus wouldn't appear in a wave. That'd be more a Poseidon/Neptune thing. Jesus does do well with bread products and pavement stains, though.
Comment icon #22 Posted by psyche101 2 years ago
No matter what, that's one cool photo. I'd share it too.   Gandalf works too........ 
Comment icon #23 Posted by XenoFish 2 years ago
It's all fun and games till aquaman starts trolling people. 
Comment icon #24 Posted by HSlim 2 years ago
So THAT'S what Jesus has been doing while the clergy were busy touching the altar boys?
Comment icon #25 Posted by Jon the frog 2 years ago
Jesus gone surfin !
Comment icon #26 Posted by newbloodmoon 2 years ago
Can’t we all just sit back and imagine Jesus was at a baseball game and was photographed doing the wave with all the other sports ball fans? Maybe even take it a step further and say that Joseph took he and Mary to the game after working a construction gig where he finished early and under budget so this was his gift to the family. Live baseball, hot dogs, popcorn, and a mug of wine.

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